July 28th: The Original Cookie Dough Bites Mint

Kcal 180 Fat 9.0g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 27.0g (per 40.0g)

Today saw me come to the end of my journey looking at Taste of Nature's Cookie Dough Bites range with me finally getting around to trying the very last 'Mint' variant. Whilst I have been reviewing this line of products I have been eating them on their intended consumption occasion - at the cinema. The choice of film today was Public Enemies directed by Michael Mann and I would strongly recommend it if your a fan of the action genre. More importantly back on topic the snack that accompanied the film was formed of 'mint flavoured cookie dough covered in milk chocolate'.

I must say that out of all the Cookie Bites variants this was certainly the one that had the most suiting packaging and was the most interesting aesthetically out the packet. The outer cardboard box implemented a relevant green colour theme and communicated a fun and differentiated look compared to the other variants from the range. As with all the other flavours I was a little wary of the inner plastic packet (which I to this day still thinks a little clumsy!) but I did like the uniqueness of the pale green colour of the cookie dough that was contained within the milk chocolate. Just as expected the cookie dough pieces had a slight minty smell when the inner packaging was opened which didn't fail to appeal to me.

The last batch of Cookie Dough Bites I tried the other day (Peanut Butter) were pretty damn awful so these weren't going to have to try that hard to better them. I am glad to say that this was entirely the case and these in actual fact surprisingly ended up being my favourite from the entire lot. Just as I found with all the other milk chocolate variants from the selection the quality of the chocolate wasn't altogether that special yet still managed to provide a worthwhile set of chocolaty flavours with each piece. Unlike the Peanut Butter variant the melt wasn't as fast the sweet, milk based flavours generated by the chocolate lingered just that bit longer in the mouth which made them seem more substantial. The cookie dough at the centre of each piece brought all the sugary, wheaty dough flavours of many other of the variants but just with an added extra hint of peppermint which I thought was near perfectly implemented. The mint flavours were not overly strong yet still managed to generate a decent amount of flavour and left a lasting impression in the mouth providing a cooling sensation which negated the slight dryness of the cookie dough. Suffice to say the 88.0g pack was gobbled up between four of us in no time.

Overall these were far from being my favourite snack of all time but they were still the best of a pretty average product range. These were far superior to the Peanut Butter that I last tried - maybe on reflection the poorness of them made these seem all that bit better. What I can't deny is that these weren't enjoyed by one and all that tried them with everyone seeming coming to the same conclusion as myself ... Taste of Nature's Cookie Dough Bites range aren't in anyway really that special, but when put in the context of the boring cinema snacks we have here in the UK they are certainly worth at least trying once. If you do fancy trying them I would head to CandyPirate. Out of the lot I would suggest these mint flavoured ones - they were my personal favourites.

7.8 out of 10