July 29th: Ferrero Duplo

Kcal 146 Fat 10.0g Carbs 12.0g (per 26.0g stick)

You have to hand it to Ferrero for the sheer number of ways they have managed to combine three core ingredients - milk chocolate, hazelnut and wafer. Dean-German-Grocery have kindly sent me the Kinder Bueno, Giotto, Kusschen, Rocher and todays subject for review the 'Duplo'. The 'Duplo' is formed of a 'milk chocolate covered wafer with a cocoa creme and whole hazelnut centre'. As the rest of the range have been so good my hopes for this product were naturally pretty high.

I was sent a lot of five packets which each weighed a smallish 26.0g each. The packaging was a bit of a hybrid of Kinder Bueno and Ferrero Rocher in that it had a white background and illustrations, yet had the classy golden coloured Ferrero branding. The bars were split into three separate blocks of which you can see a cross-section above. Unfortunately my photography skills didn't manage to capture the whole hazelnut piece but in each there was a nut nestled in the cocoa creme. As pleased as I was with the presentation I was equally happy when I was met with a very familiar nutty Ferrero aroma when I opened the packaging.

As you will have seen in the picture the outer wafer and milk chocolate constituents were very similar to the Kinder Bueno and they delivered exactly the same experience. The milk chocolate was lacking a little bit in its portioning due to the thinness of the layer, though it did have the chocolate flavour hit that I desired. The milky sweet flavours of the chocolate were complimented nicely by the malty flavours of the wafer which also had a nice fresh crunch. The cocoa creme at the centre of each piece only added to the cocoa flavour hit that the outer chocolate brought to the party and had a very soft silky feel in the mouth. As I described above sitting in the cocoa creme in each block was a whole hazelnut and their bursts of nutty woody flavours didn't fail to disappoint. The nut pieces added another flavour dimension to the product and delivered it with a delightful fresh crunchy texture. The overall taste was delicious yet not the longest lasting; having finished one packet it wasn't long before I found myself reaching for another.

Overall I wasn't expecting anything different but I can confirm that the Ferrero Duplo can hang with any other of the milk chocolate, wafer and hazelnut variants in Ferrero's range. Despite sharing a similar problem with most of them in that it wasn't that satisfying as a snack, in regards to taste the bar delivered both a chocolate and nut flavour hit. I thought the textures were both varied and interesting, whilst the presentation on the whole was pretty good. If your a fan of Ferrero then you will know what to expect from this product. I wouldn't necessarily say it was any better or worse than any of the other options from the range but why not try it for yourself and see what you think!?

8.0 out of 10