July 3rd: Milka Berggluhen

Kcal 580 Fat 40.5g Fat(sats) 23.0g Carbs 47.0g (per 100.0g)

The sheer number of new Milka variants coming out never ceases to amaze me. Thanks again to Dean-German-Grocery I got the chance to try yet another one in this Milka Berggluhen bar ... I am aware the Berggluhen means 'mountain' something - can anyone help me with the translation here!? Names aside the bar offered a similar proposition to the Milka Strawberry Yogurt I reviewed last month, only with the yogurt part of the filling replaced by a chocolate creme.

This new variant is part of the standard Milka range and came in the normal 100.0g size. The packaging included all the usual Milka branding as well as some nice pictures of some strawberry fruits and some whipped chocolate cream. In the cross-section above you will be able to see that the central creme took up a large proportion of each block - within the filling it was nice to see some small red specs which were obviously the flakes of strawberry. The aroma of the chocolate was incredibly similar to the Milka Strawberry Yogurt with its fruity smell. It was strong and enticing to a degree but I still thought it was just a little artificial.

My main problem with the Milka Strawberry Yogurt was that the taste was way too sweet which meant it was a chocolate that became rather monotonous and sickly very quickly. With this bar things were quite the contrary and the greater emphasis placed on the chocolate certainly made for a greater overall taste. The outer Alpine Milk chocolate provided its usual milk based flavours and although still quite sweet had that pleasant hazelnut note which added another flavour dimension. The inner chocolate creme filling didn't build on the taste of the outer chocolate, though more maintained the creamy nutty flavours in the background of the taste when the strawberry pieces where encountered. The smoothness of the creme filling was absolutely fantastic but I also enjoyed the crunchy small grain sized flakes that included the strawberry flavours. Just as with the Milka Strawberry Yogurt the fruit element was quite sugary yet was also surprisingly fruity. Due to the fast melt of the filling, each piece didn't last that long in the mouth - the greater impetuous placed on the cocoa flavours though made it quite a rich and satisfying chocolate.

Overall I have had better flavours from the Milka range but nonetheless this was still one that I really quite enjoyed. Personally I thought the cocoa creme worked better than the yogurt filling as it had more of a say in the overall taste and took the edge off the harsh sweetness of the strawberry flakes. Although the strawberry element seemed less sweet it didn't seem to lose any of its fruity flavours and the red berry notes very much came to the forefront of the taste. One thing I especially liked about this bar was the smoothness of the texture - I would even go as far saying it was comparable to Lindt's Lindor range in its degree of silky smoothness. If your a fan of Milka or strawberry flavoured chocolates this is a bar you will want to check out.

8.0 out of 10