July 4th: Hershey's Brownie

Kcal 190.0g Fat 9.0g Fat(sats) 3.5g Carbs 28.0g (per 43.0g)

I want to start off todays review by wishing a happy 4th of July to all my American readers (and the rest of you aswell!). In respect to this I wanted to review a typical American product and CandyPirate duly obliged by sending me this Hershey's Brownie. I had previously reviewed another product from the same range - Reese's Brownie and was a left a little disappointed with it because of the lack of emphasis on the peanut butter. This offering wasn't billed quite as complexly as the previous and constituted of 'a chocolate brownie base topped with Herhsey's chocolate chips and drizzled with chocolate icing' ... sounds good eh!?

Despite the misleading packet information this brownie clocked in at 85.0g. For some reason the packaging broke the nutritional information down into two servings yet the actual brownie itself came as one solid piece ... so times the above nutritional values by two and you get the whole product actual values. Although this was slightly annoying the presentation altogether was pretty classy. The foil packet looked rather snazzy and well designed and kept the brownie in a wonderful fresh state. The Brownie itself probably would have looked better with a bit of Hershey's branding but still looked pretty damn appetising. The brownie didn't instantly register as scintillating in regards to smell but when heated in the microwave for a few seconds really emanated some freshly baked cake smells that got me salivating like Homer Simpson.

When I reviewed the Reese's Brownie a lot of readers suggested that I should have heated it before eating it. As mentioned above I didn't make the same mistake twice and decided to not only warm this one but also serve it with a little vanilla ice cream (...time to head to the gym maybe!). Much like the smell suggested the base brownie was superb with its sweet, buttery cake taste. Unlike so many Hershey's chocolate products I have had before the sour aftertaste of the chocolate was all but absent here and didn't factor into the taste whatsoever. Both the chocolate chips and chocolate icing were quite sugary in their taste, though at the same time they reaffirmed the friendly cocoa flavours of the base brownie making each bite where they were present insanely chocolaty. My only criticism of this product would be that where the chips and icing were not present the brownie at times was just a little too dry for my liking - especially in the middle where the brownie was most dense. For this reason I wasn't all that taken by the texture and thought that it could have done with a small bit of chocolate icing lining the middle of the piece to moisten the inner brownie. Despite what the packaging said I did eat this all in one sitting which I am sure you can guess proved to be a hugely fulfilling snack.

Overall I am not the greatest fan of Hershey's milk chocolate so this was never going to be a product that struck me as being out of this world. Although by no means the greatest at the same time it was pretty damn good and I would certainly have it again given half the chance. In terms of a chocolate hit this product delivers left right and centre. The actual quality of the chocolate wasn't the best but at the same time it was by all means good enough and made for one insanely rich chocolate experience. If you like your brownies I would certainly recommend you give this a try. My instructions would be to heat and serve with cream, ice cream ... or anything really just to add a bit of moistness. Happy 4th of July everyone - enjoy your day!

7.9 out of 10

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