July 5th: 7Days of Chocolate Reviews - Edition 4

You know the drill! Lets see what went down this week!

The Chocolate Mission Omnibus:

The week started off with a little disbelief that another product could possibly challenge Niederegger in the marzipan stakes with the Zentis Belmanda proving to be a surprisingly well received product. Reader Lu also seemed to agree with me but Heidi who had also recently tried it recently wasn't too impressed by the chocolate involved.

Later on in the week I got to grips with some products from another two different continents the Mieji Shu Cookies from Asia and the M&M's Strawberried Peanut Butter from America, both of which proved to be very reputable products.

Friday saw me getting stuck into the Milka Berggluhen bar which had a lovely strawberry cocoa creme centre. This quickly got both George and Susanne asking me which I preferred out of that bar and the Thornton's Milk Chocolate with Strawberries I reviewed the week before - check out the review to see what I said!

News from the Chocolate Market:

* I brought the news a few weeks ago that the Wispa Gold was coming back - well it looks like product is under way! This article says we can inspect the bars back in our shops for a limited time as of September 14th! See HERE

* Nestle have made their Kit Kat range free from artificial colours, flavour or preservatives! See HERE

* Cadbury are redesigning their Trebor mint brand packaging! See HERE

* M&S are relaunching their confectionery range - which will also include Pick-&-Mix! See HERE

Posts from other Blogs I enjoyed this week:

Here are some of the articles I have been reading this week

* CandyBlog - Cybele managed to track down a new Dark Chocolate Variant of M&M's Premiums. See HERE

* Foodstufffinds - Managed to track down the elusive new Marmite that is flavoured with Marstons beer ... mmmm! See Here

* GiGi Reviews - Is so lucky to live near a Trader Joe's! I love that place - Gi got stuck into some of their pretzels this week! See HERE

* Impulsive Buy - Marvo chanced his luck with a new flavour of Ben & Jerries that has just been launched in the US! Looks fab to me - white chocolate and peanut butter .... yum! See Here

Question of the Day:

'If you could see any product reviewed on this site what would it be & why!?'