July 7th: Cadbury Moro Gold Totally Nuts

Kcal 325 Fat 19.6g Fat(sats) 10.1g Carbs 31.4g

Almost a year ago to the day I posted my review of the Cadbury Boost Totally Nuts bar from Australia. Just a few weeks ago Shopenzed sent me a selection of bars from New Zealand - included in which was this Cadbury Moro Gold Totally Nuts. At first I pondered whether there was a point doing a new review as frankly it seemed like pretty much the same product as the aforementioned - it even came described the same - 'a chocolate flavoured centre packed full of peanuts surrounded in caramel, all covered in Cadbury Dary Milk chocolate'. Closer inspection of the wrapper however did indicate there were some very minor differences in the portioning of the nuts and the caramel so I thought 'why not!?'.

The bar came presented pretty much the same as the Boost Totally Nuts and came in an extremely substantial 60.0g form. The packaging also looked none to dissimilar, with the Moro branding pretty much just replacing the Boost branding. When I cross-sectioned the bar I compared it to the cross-section of the Boost:TN and could clearly see that the nut pieces were not as small, whilst the caremel seemed just a little more plentiful. Despite appearing aesthetically a little different the smell was very familiar with the sweet caramel scents proving very enticing amongst the strong nut aromas.

In regards to the taste test I first ate this bar and then read back over my previous review of the Boost:TN to see if I perceived any differences. On reflection I did notice some very subtle differences but they didn't really alter my perception of the bar that much. The outer Dairy Milk offered the same taste experience as with any other Southern Hemisphere Dairy Milk product - it was less creamy than our UK stuff but still provided an enjoyable chocolaty flavour hit to each and every bite. One of the small variances I did notice came in the implementation of the nuts. The peanuts seemed to be less present in terms of number but were whole nuts instead of broken up pieces. This had a slight impact of the taste as it meant that the nutty flavours were not released until properly crunched and chewed. This allowed the caramel to have a greater say in the overall taste as it was very much the prominent element in between the melt of the outer chocolate and the chewing of the nuts. Although noticeable it was such a minor thing that I never formed an opinion of preference or otherwise. I was frankly to busy enjoying it and the progressive nature of the taste from the chocolate to the caramel and finally the peanuts I thought was just simply magnificent. I ate this bar straight from the fridge which added a little more resistance to the chocolate centre and just a touch of chewiness to the caramel. It took a long time to eat which meant it was both savoured and satisfying - fantastic.

Overall the differences between this Moro Gold Totally Nuts and Boost Totally Nuts were so minimal that only a saddo like myself would be able to notice :) To be honest though I am pretty glad that I have been able to do this comparison as it meant I got to eat another of this simply delicious chocolate bar. Whether you prefer your nuts whole or broken into smaller bits I think you would enjoy this bar either way. The chocolate is of a good standard, the caramel is sweet and buttery and the nuts provide a roasted saltiness that compliments the other sweet elements wonderfully. Whether you come across the Boost Totally Nuts or a Moro Gold Totally Nuts I suggest you just do yourself a favour and indulge in one - mass confections are rarely this good.

8.8 out of 10