August 11th: Trumpf Schogetten Cappuccino

Kcal 561 Fat 36.0g Carbs 55.0g (per 100.0g)

I have to start off todays review by sending a big muchos gracias in the direction of ChocolateMission reader Lottie who recently very generously sent me a few Schogetten bars to get stuck into. Chocolate that originates from Germany is very well represented on this site thanks by and large to Dean-German-Grocery. For whatever reason though Trumpf's Schogetten range is one that I have never got around to taking a look at ... until now of course. Lottie sent me three bars from their range and I decided to first get stuck into this Cappuccino flavoured bar. Billed as 'milk chocolate filled with a cappuccino flavoured creme' it appealed to me and I was hoping that it would be equally as good as the Ritter Sport Cappuccino bar.

The product originated from Saarlouis, Germany and came in a 100.0g size. I thought the presentation was all rather fair - it wasn't exactly the most eye catching, nor was it bad in anyway shape or form. One thing that I did like about the bar was how each of the individual blocks were already separated inside- even if it did catch me out at first sending bits of chocolate all over the place! Doh! When I was finished flinging the blocks across the room I took a smell of the bar and found that it emanated a rather mild instant coffee like smell.

A fair few readers of commented on how tasty this bar is, so I was genuinely looking forward to trying it for myself. Maybe because of the build up I was really
expecting it to have a big X-factor but unfortunately this was the one thing I thought it truly lacked. The chocolate contained 30% cocoa and tasted like a bit of a halfway house between Ritter Sport and Milka. It wasn't as sweet as Milka yet had the same hazelnut hint in its aftertaste. Personally I felt that it was neither scintillating to the taste buds, neither was it anything to be disappointed with. Sitting at the heart of each of the blocks was the cappuccino filling to which I also had rather mixed feelings about. The transition from the slightly rougher texture of the outer chocolate to the smoother inner filling was well managed and melted at a nice pace allowing each different element to establish itself on the taste. In regards to taste my perceptions weren't quite as positive and I was failed to be bowled over by the cappuccino flavours. As I ate more of the bar I did come to enjoy the creamy nature of the mild coffee influence but something in the back of my mind couldn't help but remind me that it tasted rather like the instant cappuccino drink that I get from my work office vending machine. I ate this bar over the course of two separate occasions and felt both times that it provided an adequate snack - nothing more or less.

Overall reading back over the above I can see how this review might be perceived as a bit on the negative side. Truth be told this bar neither struck me as being great or bad ... on the balance of things it was pretty average. For me I think where this bar mostly stumbled was in the strength of its coffee flavours. I am a black coffee man so I am used to far stronger, more full on coffee flavours rather than the creamier mild ones that the filling here delivered. If I was looking for a coffee flavoured chocolate this probably wouldn't be the first bar that would spring to mind in order to get my fix, yet at the same time I wouldn't say that this should be a bar that deserves being dismissed straightaway. If you take your coffee weak and milky this could well be a chocolate that you would enjoy. More Schogetten coming soon!

7.2 out of 10