August 13th: Sarotti No. 1 Sao Thome

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Sarotti's No. 1 range hardly got off to the greatest starts on ChocolateMission when I reviewed the 'Mexico Chilli' variant back in January. Dean-German-Grocery however saw fit to kindly send me another from the No. 1 product line in the form of this 'Sao Thome' bar. As the packaging was all in German I don't actually know the significance of the Sao Thome name to the bar!? What I could determine was that this was a '75% cacoa bittersweet chocolate with caramelised cocoa kernel splinters'.

Unfortunately the bar didn't care to share its nutritional information which would have been handy given that it was 100.0g in size. This Sao Thome variant looked much the same as the Mexico Chilli bar, though the front of pack displayed a very out of focus shot of some crumbled cocoa beans. Despite there being a slight blooming effect evident on the surface of the chocolate I didn't see fit to reflect that in the presentation score as with most of the bars from Germany it had clocked up several miles making its way to me for a review. Despite the not so fresh aesthetic appeal the smell that emanated from the chocolate was relatively forthcoming and offered some fair honey and cocoa scents.

Although this bar was stronger than the Mexico Chilli variant it shared many of the same problems. The taste was ridiculously slow to get started, and it seemed like the chocolate was in my mouth for an age before the flavours really started to make an impact. The initial melt itself wasn't too much of a problem as it was relatively thick and smooth. At the point where the cocoa kernel splinters were revealed however the texture had a rougher grainy nature. Mid-melt the flavours were subdued, yet pleasant enough and were predominantly cocoa led but with an ever present touch of sugar that added sweetness. When it came to the aftertaste the cocoa kernel pieces took over and when crunched released an unforgiving burnt charcoal like influence that left a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. Frankly the cocoa kernel splinters really didn't do it for me and in my opinion made the product less enjoyable as they negated both taste and texture.

Overall this wasn't one my favourite products ever and will most likely never bother having again. The dark chocolate was slow out the blocks in terms of its flavours, which although was forgivable was definitely frustrating. As I have noted already the real problem I had with this chocolate was the inclusion of the cocoa kernel pieces, which I felt didn't enhance the product in any manner. This is not a bar I will be recommending purely on the basis that I know there are better dark chocolate options out there. If your looking for a decent German dark chocolate in my mind you have to look no further than Lindt.

6.3 out of 10