August 17th: Cadbury KOKO

Kcal 75 Fat 5.3g Fat(sats) 2.9g Carbs 6.2g (per truffle)

Last week Phil and Susanne brought to my attention that Cadbury had announced that they would be bringing a new product to market titled KOKO. According to a Cadbury spokesperson KOKO is a product marketed at the woman's sector of the market, so I don't suppose anyone at Cadbury will really give a monkeys what I write about it given I am completely the wrong demographic. Regardless, I couldn't help feeling a tingle of excitement when I saw these sitting on the shelf of my local Sainsbury's - everyone loves a new product afterall don't they!

On a special introductory offer, £2.99 of my hard earned pounds bought me 200.0g of 'milk chocoalte truffles encased in milk chocolate'. I would say inside there were about twenty chocolates, all of which were wrapped in brown foil wrappers with the words KOKO branded across each in a stylish golden font. In regards to presentation I must say as I was really impressed despite obviously being completely the other end of the spectrum in terms of target market. The outer cardboard box was nicely designed and patterned nicely with a mixutre of pink, brown and beige colours. I also thought the inner wrappers were equally as impressive, not only maintaining the stylish look but maintaining the chocolates in ammaculate condition with a nice bit of dual foil layering.

As soon as I opened the wrappers it was immediatedly apparent that these were going to be straight up Cadbury chocolate - nothing more, nothing less. The usual milk based dairy scents were highly reminiscent of usual favourites such as plain Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Freddos etc ... this was of course by no means a bad thing. Although this is to be confirmed by any credible source I believe Cadbury have two types of milk chocolate that they use across their portfolio - Dairy Milk and another ever so slightly different recipe they use for Freddos and similar products. In my opinion there is one very minor diferrence between the two, with the latter being a touch more sugar rooted in taste and a just a touch less creamy - these KOKO truffles inhibited exactly that. The taste experience was consistent throughout, with the outer chocolate and inner filling not differing in any manner. I guess this may sound a little unexciting but I happened to think it worked nicely, with the two contrasting textures of the harder outer chocolate and smoother inner filling complimenting the flow of the creamy chocolaty flavours superbly. Each chocolate didn't particularly last that long in the mouth due to the softness of the centres, but eating three of these truffles in a sitting felt like an indulgent treat and certainly went a long way to satisfying a well needed chocolate hit.

Overall these wern't exactly a product that hit me for six but at the same time I couldn't help but fall for their wonderful yet pretty simple Cadbury appeal. I don't know what it is about Cadbury milk chocolate but for me it just seems to have a wonderful appeal and for a mass produced confection it simply has to be up there as one of the best tasting. I guess a slight disappointment with this product is that I think it was produced with Cadbury's secondary recipe rather than their glorious Dairy Milk. Truth be told I percieve very little difference between the two and frankly I am sure that most normal people wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway so it is understandable why they have done it. KOKO obviously isn't the most revolutionary of products ever, but it is still a tasty set of truffles nonetheless. If your a fan of Cadbury milk chocolate this is simply a no brainer, you should give these a try soon -for £2.99 you can't really complain.

8.2 out of 10