August 20th: Trumpf Schogetten Milk Cream Caramel

Kcal 541 Fat 33.0g Carbs 56.0g (per 100.0g)

My second look at the highly recommended Schogetten range came in the form of this Milk Cream Caramel car and I must once again extend my thanks to ChocolateMission reader Lottie for proividing me with it. After the relatively promising review of the Schogetten Cappuccino I was looking forward to seeing if Schogetten to take that extra step and really produce a product of merit. I thought there was no better chance of this happening than to try their Milk Cream Caramel offering, which came billed as 'milk chocolate with a milk cream and caramel cream filling' - it sounded promising nonetheless.

Just as with the Cappuccino bar this one came in a 100.0g form that was already split into 18 individual block pieces. As the photo above so clearly shows the packaging wasn't all together that differentiated from the Cappuccino variant, though there were the obvious branding and colour differences used to communicate the caramel theme. The chocolate itself also at first glance didn't appear to have anything remarkable about it; that was until I bit into one of the blocks and saw the appetising look of the two toned inner filling which made the product seem that little bit more enticing. The bar was held within a silver foil layer that nicely contained a nice chocolaty scent that became apparent when the foil was split. A stronger, sweetened milkier smell was emanated when the blocks were bitten into.

Having already tried one Schogetten bar it seemed like a natural thing to make my observations based on a comparison between the two. As far as I am aware the milk chocolate used in both this bar and the cappuccino was of the same recipe though the taste of the milk chocolate in this bar came through stronger in the taste due to the later entrance of the filling to the taste. The milk chocolate was fair in flavour and provided a pleasant milk dominant, cocoa base taste with just the slightest touch of hazelnut present in each block. As I said in my last Schogetten review the chocolate for my liking was perhaps a little on the sweet side, though just like its most blatant comparable Milka had an appealing smooth, sweet taste. The filling for my liking was probably not all I hoped it to be, but at the same time was tasty none the less. Just like the outer chocolate it was smooth in its melt and the milk cream and had a nice cooling feeling on the tongue. The milk cream tasted like a more yogurty version of the outer chocolate and certainly had a pleasant sour tang in its aftertaste. The caramel that sat on top of the milk cream certainly was no where near the standards of other leading caramel bars but its sweet, toffee flavours managed to prohibit the tangyness of the milk cream from becoming overpowering. The whole bar provided me with three different snacking occasions, all of which I thought were reasonably substantial.

Overall in my opinion just like its Cappuccino sister bar this Milk Cream Caramel failed to really progress past being an average flavoured milk chocolate. The milk chocolate itself had relative appeal but on the balance on things I still would probably choose Milka chocolate over it given the choice. The Milk Cream Caramel filling itself was not bad in anyway and on the whole was relatively enjoyable - it was just that I didn't particularly get any sort of wow factor from it. If I was to offer an alternative instead of this bar I would suggest the Milka Toffee Ganznuss which had all the delight of the milk cream and caramel fillings but also with the addition of hazelnuts in each block. If you were to come across this bar on the cheap I would suggest you give it a try, but in the context of the whole market I think there are better milk chocolate caramel bars out there.

7.4 out of 10