August 22nd: Recaldent Smart Time Chocolate Gum

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

As an avid chewing gum lover there aren't many moments when my gob isn't kept busy. I am normally a Wrigley's Extra man (has to be peppermint!!) as I simply can't stand those awful fruit flavoured gums that taste so terribly cheap. Before today I had never seen a chocolate flavoured gum let alone tried one; of course that was until J-List got on the case and offered me a chance to try this Recaldent Smart Time Chocolate Gum from Japan. I won't even attempt to try and sound like I know what the on pack description said but according to the J-List website these were 'chocolate flavoured gum pieces with real chocolate centres'. Today is yet another ChocolateMission - my first ever gum review.

The gum came in a pack of 12 individual pieces that I managed to savour for well over a week. The packaging of our gum here in the UK is rather simplistic and to be honest I wouldn't really expect anything else ... it is just gum after all. From the limited selection of products I have reviewed the Japanese always seem to pay a lot of attention to how their products look and once again I couldn't help but like the way this gum had been presented. The outer cardboard box was a lovely gold colour and had a very cool sliding draw like mechanism that held the gum pieces inside. The gum pieces themselves were contained within individual foil packages and contained a very surprising bit of branding that I will come onto later. In regards to aroma the gum didn't have a particulalry strong impact aside from a minor sweet smell - I decided to not punish the gum on the score system as this was chewing gum after all.

I mentioned above that there was a surprising piece of branding placed on the inner foil wrappers and I can reveal that it was Cadbury! Despite having no inclination of containing any form of Cadbury on the outer packaging (that I could translate anyway!) it was all too apparent from both the wrappers and resulting taste that this gum had a Cadbury influence. As you can see above the gum had two distinct layers - the standard outer chocolate flavoured gum and an inner bit of liquid chocolate. I wasn't expecting much in the way of a chocolate hit though as soon as I placed the piece in my mouth and started chewing a simply wonderful set of creamy chocolate flavours attacked my taste buds. The chocolate flavours weren't entirely Dairy Milk Esq, though were certainly comparable and had similar milky flavours. As with most chewing gum the flavours did all but disappear in around 30 minutes but I still enjoyed them whilst they were present and they were certainly a nice change up from my usual mint gum.

Overall I wouldn't necessarily replace my usual Wrigley's Extra with this chocolate flavoured alternative but I would certainly purchase it now and again to provide a bit of a mix up. It sounds silly to say but the chocolate influence brought to the party was actually surprisingly chocolaty and were not just the sweet, nondescript flavours that I was expecting. Chewing gum is a pretty staple part of everyday life for me and it is not often that I am without a pack. Like I said i wont be replacing my Wrigley's Peppermint anytime soon, but for interesting alternative I would suggest you give these a try. The only question I have left is why they don't have the Cadbury logo on the packaging? ... the only answer I can think of is that the Cadbury logo just isn't recognised in Japan!

7.4 out of 10