August 23rd: 7Days of Chocolate Reviews - Edition 11

### Jim's Corner & question of the week ###

I can't believe this is already Edition 11 of my round up posts ... it only seems like a few weeks ago I actually started doing them. The format has changed slightly this week as I have some exciting news.

Last weeks 'Question of The Week' was based around different sort of posts I could bring to the site. Well the majority that responded said they would like to see interviews, manufacture features etc. This week I explored the possibilities and have presented with a great opportunity thanks to my pals at Hotel Chocolat..... which brings me nicely on to question of the week ...

'If you could ask Hotel Chocolat any question, what would it be?'

Please send all your questions in by Wednesday 26th August at which time I will send the sensible questions on to the guys at Hotel Chocolat. I can't promise all your questions will be answered but I have been assured they will respond to as many as possible.

Be sure to get your questions in! This is a fantastic opportunity.


The ChocolateMission Omnibus:

My review of the new Cadbury KOKO chocolate selection got the week off to an interesting start and attracted many positive comments from readers Lottie, Daisy and James (via E-mail) who all seemed to enjoy Cadbury's unambitious, yet still very tasty attempt at some chocolate truffles.

On Tuesday my review of Thorntons' Dark Chocolate with Macadamia bar had David posing the question 'how can this be an award winning chocolate if it hasn't been sampled by the mass market yet?'. It was a good question but I do think the panel at the Academy of Chocolate do probably know what their on about.

Later on in the week I came across a rare, disappointing product from Hotel Chocolat in the form of their Orange Tangs. At least this confirmed to Marshall that I in fact don't work for them but I will be hoping for better next time. The week finished up with my reviews of the Trumpf Schogetten Milk Cream Caramel, Nestle Choco Crossies and lastly yesterday a rather odd post featuring Recaldent's Smart Time Chocolate Gum from Japan.

News from the Chocolate Market:

* Following on from my gum review yesterday Cadbury have announced an £3.5m campaign to support the launch of their new Trebor Extra Strong Gum. See HERE

* Tangeirne Confectionery - makers of UK favourites in Barratt Sherbet Fountains, Dib Dabs, Black Jacks etc have been awarded a compliance certification by the Halal Food Authority. See HERE

* Experts say our confectionery prices won't rise because of rising sugar prices ... have they thought about greedy marketeers? See HERE

* Should confectionery be kept at tills for eagle eyed kiddies to beg mummy to buy them? See HERE

* Mars have cut their Christmas range by a third and are focusing on their big sellers. See Here

Posts from other blogs I enjoyed this week:

* Japanese Snack Food Blog - These guys got hold of yet more interesting flavoured Kit Kats in some lovely looking packaging. See HERE

* Second Rate Snacks - Took a look at Chips Ahoy vs 'Chips Ahoy Knockoff' ... surely only ever going to be one winner. See HERE

* ZOMG, Candy - I hadn't seen Lotte reviews apart from my own until I saw this review on ZOMG. See HERE

* Chocablog - Kath posted a review looking at Whittaker's Spicy Ginger Blocks vs Lindt's Excellence Ginger ... take a look who won See HERE

* GiGi - Sorry Gi but these Artichoke and Spinach Bread Bowl Bites really turned my stomach :D ... seemingly you thought the same thing. See HERE