August 24th: Cadbury Snack Wafer

Kcal 60 Fat 3.3g Fat(sats) 2.1g Carbs 7.2 (per finger)

It has taken me a whole year to track down the last variant from this Cadbury Snack range. Having previously reviewed the Shortcake, Raisin Cereal Bar and Sandwich offerings I finally got my hands on this Cadbury Snack Wafer. This bar looked extremely like the Cadbury Timeout and came described as 'milk chocolate covered wafer biscuits'. Just like the other Cadbury Snack variants this one also did not feature Cadbury Dairy Milk - Boooo!

The product came in a 36.0g size and was split into 3 separate finger pieces. The pale pink colour that featured on the packet gave the bar a rather feminine look. I can't see why Cadbury chose this colour - not only did it look dull and lifeless but effectively it discouraged half its target market with its non male inclination. Although I wasn't all that impressed with the packaging I thought the fingers themselves were presented well as they had a relatively pleasant sweet biscuit like aroma and broke apart with a clean crisp break.

Comparisons with the Cadbury Timeout were inevitable with this product as it offered pretty much the same proposition. The only difference between the two came in the structure of the inner wafer. In the Timeout the chocolate creme is more sandwiched in between two thicker bits of wafer - in this Snack Wafer bar the chocolate creme lined thinner layers of wafer intermittently (like in a Kit Kat!). I personally preferred the way it was implemented in this Snack Wafer bar as it meant that the crispness of the wafers was better retained. The chocolate creme was still evident yet allowed the starchy flavours of the wafers just to have a little more of say in the overall taste. Just as with the Timeout I was disappointed at the lack of Dairy Milk chocolate and wasn't all that impressed by the thinness of which the standard Cadbury chocolate was implemented. The chocolate hit was still there but wasn't as creamy in its flavours as it was more sugar based. As the product was split into three pieces it for some reason made it feel a bit more substantial than a Timeout - what with it being wafer based though it was hardly like it was the most fulfilling bar I have ever had.

Overall this was a pretty standard Cadbury offering that on reflection really wasn't worth waiting a year for :) Due to the average nature of the rest of the range it was hardly like I was expecting much else - if you want average defined in terms of chocolate bars this is probably it. The lack of Dairy Milk and abundance of non-substantial wafer meant that this bar was never going to be all that special. Frankly though the bar never claims to be and I must admit it does exactly what it says on the tin in that it makes a pretty fair 'Snack'. I wouldn't avoid this bar but at the same time wouldn't advise you to expect fireworks.

7.0 out of 10