August 25th: Lindt Raspberry & Vanilla Yogurt

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

My pals at Dean-German-Grocery have supplied with most the of the NPD (new product development) to be launched on the German Confectionery market this summer and a large majority of it has been fruit themed. When bars are as frankly as good as this one though, I for one will not be writing any letters of complain to the likes of Lindt. The bar in the line of fire today was the Lindt Raspberry & Vanilla Yogurt, which was formed of white chocolate blocks filled with vanilla and raspberry flavoured yogurt. You may remember that earlier in the year I tried a very similar product from Ritter Sport (See HERE); that bar managed to score an 8.0 so there was certainly a high benchmark.

From the photo above you have already probably ascertained that this was another from the Lindt range that I like to call 'Pods' and it came in a standard 100.0g size. As I so often comment about Lindt packaging it was altogether rather swish looking and I liked the way the packaging incorporated the yogurt, vanilla and raspberry pictures without cluttering the wrapper. I am a big fan of the way the pod blocks look and I must say the format really worked aesthetically for this bar. The white chocolate had a lovely unblemished smooth surface and held the pink tinted, red studded yogurt filling nicely inside. My expectations of this product were only further enhanced when I took in my first smell of the fruity, diary scents that the chocolate radiated.

I have already said that I really liked this bar so I won't hang around in giving my verdict - it was wonderful. Lindt have a great white chocolate recipe that I have raved about many times before and it was well implemented again here. The outer white chocolate had a wonderfully subtle milky taste that had a terrific smoothness to its melt. As the chocolate melted in the mouth the creamy flavours were further reaffirmed and a nice vanilla undertone soon became apparent at the turning point of the melt. Inside each pod the yogurt filling had a slightly drier feel on the tongue which nicely differentiate it from the outer chocolate. The filling was simply sublime and the red berry flavours gave the chocolate a delightful, full bodied fruity taste that complimented the slightly sour, tangy note that the yogurt developed in the background. I think the bar could perhaps have done without the small red specs of dried raspberry as I these at times did leave a slightly rough feel on the tongue. Minor criticism aside for white chocolate this was a nicely fulfilling bar and one that I ate over the course of three separate sittings.

Overall this probably isn't the most imaginative product to hit the shelves this summer but it is one that has been done particularly well. I would say that the reason this bar is superior to the Ritter Sport Raspberry Yogurt is because it has better balance. With the Ritter Sport product I reviewed earlier this year I thought that at times it got a little on the sweet side as the white chocolate was just a little on the sugary side for me. The Lindt white chocolate used with this bar though was a little more mild and not quite as forceful with its more laid back milk based flavours. If your going to be buying into the whole fruit flavoured yogurt chocolate bars this summer this would be one I suggest you try. White chocolate fans this is one you have to get hold of.

8.7 out of 10

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