August 26th: M&M's Coconut

Kcal 210 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 26.0g (per pack)

Just as they did last month with the M&M's Strawberried Peanut, CandyPirate once again came up trumps for me and sent across a sample of the latest limited edition M&M's to grace the US market. In previous reviews I have been known to complain about the amount of limited editions being pumped out by Mars in the US, but I am now coming round to the way of thinking that they are bang on the money. By continuously bringing new flavours to the market they are continuously engaging their consumers and keeping them interested in their M&M's brand. When you compare the raft of innovations that Mars US produce in comparison to the lack of NPD we get here in the UK, I myself know which market I would prefer to have close at hand.

Rant at Mars UK over lets get on with the review of these M&
M's Coconut. CandyPirate were kind enough to supply with a few 42.5g bags that I ate at the rate of one every sitting. I thought the white packaging was suited to the Coconut flavour and thought the on pack design was well suited with a playful, Caribbean like theme. The M&M's themselves were also coloured appropriately sporting green, brown and white shells with dark brown inner fillings - just a thought but maybe it would have been cool to have dark brown outer shells and white innards like real coconuts!? Generally I find M&M's lack a telling smell due to their sugary shells though a gentle scent of coconut was present when I smelt inside the packet.

A few days before I ate a packet of these I went to the cinema with friends and ended up gnoshing my fair share of one of the
standard milk chocolate flavoured M&M's pouches. Although still rather pleasant I guess this gave me a timely reminder of how plain the originals actually taste and I think it made me appreciate these a little bit extra with their little twist in terms of flavours. At first I was a little sceptical at how the coconut might taste - after all these actually didn't contain any real coconut which I was disappointed to read on the back of the packaging. After my first taste however my initial scepticism turned into pure delight. In addition to the standard cocoa and sweet dried milk flavours these M&M's had a wonderful coconut influence that was neither too intense or too under played. The strength of the milky, nutty flavours were just about the right intensity and made for a well rounded and enjoyable overall taste. Like most M&M's by the end of the packet the sweetness of the sugary shells were starting to get a little much but the sensible pack size meant this never became much of an issue.

Overall these M&M's coconut get a ChocolateMission thumbs up and I think really go to prove a point that limited editions / seasonal flavours can really have
a part to play in some brands portfolios. It is flavours like these that are available for a limited time that generate ongoing interest in brands and must keep people loyal in their brand consumption. Now don't get me wrong I think most people have a favourite confectionery product which they will choose more times than others, but the understanding I think a lot of brands here in the UK lack is the insight that consumers also like to try new things. These M&M's are a great example of how just a simple addition of a different flavour element can spark just a little extra excitement in a brand. These are really just plain milk chocolate M&M's with a added hint of coconut but I happen to think they were a great little change up from the normal milk chocolate variant. If you like your coconut flavoured chocolates these are really worth you trying and if your UK based your only option appears to be to get them from CandyPirate as they are the only UK importers to get them across to our shores so far! Take note UK marketeers - limited editions do have a place in your portfolios!!

8.2 out of 10

Head to CandyPirate to have your chance to try the M&M's Coconut