August 27th: Trumpf Schogetten Tiramisu / Dark Chocolate

Kcal 536 Fat 37.0g Carbs 44.0g (per 100.0g)

Today saw me trying the last of the Schogetten bars that Lottie sent me in the form of this 'Tiramisu' variant. So far Trumpf have not quite produced a 'wow' factor for me but I was hoping that the slightly different proposition of this bar might do just that. This bar varied from the previous two Schogetten bars I have reviewed as it was formed of dark chocolate and not milk chocolate. The milk chocolate that was used in the Milk Cream Caramel and Cappuccino bars just didn't quite do it for me - it was Milka esque but just not quite as good. With this in mind I was hoping that the prospect of 'dark chocolate with a tiramisu filling' would be better received.

Just as with the aforementioned Milk Cream Caramel and Cappuccino bars this one came in a standard 100.0g format that was split into 18 bite sized blocks. The packaging looked none to dissimilar to the other variants with only a dark rouge colour used to differentiate it. The chocolate itself was a little more impressive looking with a better contrast between the darker outer chocolate and peach coloured filling. The chocolate not only had a better aesthetic appeal compared to the others but it also smelt the best out the lot combining a nice roasted cocoa smell with a nice hint of coffee.

I have perhaps been a slightly harsh on Schogetten milk chocolate but in my opinion in really does pale in comparison to the dark chocolate this bar served up. The dark chocolate immediately brought some strong flavours to the party substantiating some strong smokey cocoa flavours that nicely led into the creamier flavours of the inner filling. The tiramisu creme itself was well executed and mixed a flavour base of cream and coffee well. In comparison to the Cappuccino variant the coffee seemed to come through stronger, even in the presence of a stronger outer chocolate. If I would have one criticism it would be that the melt was slightly dry and powdery, though on the other hand this did make the creme filling feel that little bit more smooth and soft. An area where I did think this bar performed strongly was in the strength of its aftertaste. Each block left a strong impression of cocoa and coffee which made the taste both rich and substantial. I ate the 18 blocks over the course of around three different sittings; I must say I felt this chocolate complimented an after dinner coffee superbly.

Overall this is the finest Schogetten bar I have had to date. In comparison to the milk chocolate variants I have tried the dark chocolate implemented on this bar was superior. It was by no means the greatest dark chocolate I have ever tasted but it was nice to see a mass confection brand not hold back in the strength of flavours - all too often they can end up tasting like unsweetened milk chocolate with no amplification of the cocoa at all. The triamisu element was delivered to a reasonable standard - it was cream based in flavour and had a well implemented coffee hit in its midst. In regards to a 'wow' factor I still don't think Schogetten are quite there for me, but this bar was certainly promising and I look forward to trying some more of the flavours in their extensive range. Schogetten appears to be a brand with real potential - thanks again to Lottie for exposing me to them!

8.0 out of 10

Kcal 497 Fat 33.0g Carbs 40.0g (per 100.0g)

Whilst shopping with the above Tiramisu flavour, I also managd to come across Schogetten's original dark chocolate, which also came in the standard Schogetten format. Much like the bar above, the product had a pleasant cocoa led fragrance that matched the dark, almost black appearance of the chocolate itself - none of this excited me all that much but it met expectations none the less.

It won't take me long to describe the taste of this chocolate as it was altogether not that complicated. Right from the first few moments in the mouth the chocolate established a fine set of cocoa flavours that grew in intensity as the chocolate transformed into its liquor state. The cocoa flavours were strong, yet never verged on being bitter and left a long lasting impression in the mouth without ever reaching a point of being overly intense. A milk routed undertone was forever present throughout the taste, though I especially liked the way it was implemented as it brought a creaminess yet never compromised the unsweetened nature of the taste. If I was to have one criticism of this chocolate it would have to be the texture which I thought was a little on the waxy side for my liking. The melt was smooth but took ages to reach its point of transformation as it seemed to take forever to heat in the mouth; at times I felt this was a little frustrating. Despite this minor flaw I can't fault the chocolate for the rich flavours it produced and it made for an altogether quite fulfilling chocolate.

Overall I wouldn't quite rate this bar as highly as the Tiramisu flavour, but for 69p for 100.0g I really can't complain at the standard of the actual chocolate itself. In my previous Schogetten reviews it has been commented on that I am not quite seeing the value for money element but having actually bought this bar for myself I have to admit that the quality of the chocolate is superb given the minimality of the investment. This was the first solid Schogetten bar I have tried which didn't contain an inner filling and I have to say that I thought it suffered a little as the texture didn't seem quite right as it was just a little on the hard, waxy side. Packaging aside that is the only real criticism I can have about this chocolate. If your looking for a cheap dark chocolate fix then I have to say this is one of the best options out there if your on a shoestring budget.

7.5 out of 10