August 29th: Moritz Chocolate Ice Cubes

Kcal 65 Fat 4.8g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 4.0g (per cube)

One of the first things I do when I receive a chocolate bar/box of chocolates is check the ingredients. I don't know about you but I always feel a great deal better when I know what I am eating is made out of more natural raw materials. Now I am not asking for everything to be organic, fairtrade blah blah blah but when I saw the words 'hydrogenated coconut' and 'vegetable oil' sitting top of the list on the packet of this product I couldn't help but feel just a tad worried. Could I really subject myself to a product that contained 4.5g (over 25% GDA!) of saturated fat in just one small little chocolate ... in a word YES ... if only for the sake of this website.

I have managed to go a whole first paragraph without even telling you what the product is - I guess there is a first time for everything! These Moritz Chocolate Ice Cubes hail from Germany and were supplied to me by the ever giving Dean-German-Grocery. With coconut oil having a melting temperature of 76 centigrade (fact shamelessly nicked from Cybele's review at Candyblog SEE HERE!!), these chocolates came with the proposition at melting in the mouth with real ease. The chocolates came in some pretty tacky looking packaging that didn't appeal to me in any way whatsoever. They were held with in a clear plastic pouch that contained 200.0g of several foil wrapped, squidgy feeling chocolates inside. Due to the nature of the soft innards I think that this product would have been far better suited in a box, but this was unfortunately not the case. The chocolates themselves were a little melted in appearance but smelt reasonably enticing with a nice touch of nuttiness in and amongst the other sweeter smelling influences.

Despite not feeling all that enamoured with the prospect of eating saturated fat filled chocolate squares I did eat enough of these to get a good idea of the taste. Sadly I have to report that they were pretty damn tasty and had a unique texture that was nothing like I had ever had before. In regards to taste these chocolates had a really gianduja, praline type appeal to them and provided a delicious mixture of both chocolate and hazelnut influences. The flavours had very little in the way of progressiveness but the creamy undertones that supported both the chocolate and hazelnut made a resulting taste that was both moreish, yet at the same time quite rich. In terms of the texture these 'chocolates' really were unlike anything I had reviewed on ChocolateMission. The full on melt started as soon as the chocolates hit the tongue which not only brought an explosion of flavours straightaway but just as the name suggested provided an instant cool, tingly feeling as they melted on the tongue. I guess the only disappointing thing about these were the fact that I felt guilty eating more than two in one day which obviously didn't make for a fulfilling snack.

Overall however good these tasted I don't think that this can justify the ingredients that these are made of. I guess my view of these is very similar to that of McDonalds products in that however good their products probably taste I just cannot bring myself to eat them as I know that they are made of pretty crappy ingredients. There is no doubt that these Moritz Chocolate Ice Cubes provided a pretty unique experience when it came to the texture - as I said the quickness and smoothness of the melt was completely new to me. The taste was also pretty damn good with the chocolaty, hazelnut experience very well executed making them devilishly moreish. So would I recommend these to my readers? Maybe? possibly? potentially? ... I am undecided!? These are worth trying when eaten in moderation - but for the sake of your health I really wouldn't recommend scoffing a whole 200.0g bag.

7.6 out of 10