August 30th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 12

### Jim's Corner & Question of the Week ###

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for sending me all your questions for Hotel Chocolat this week. I have indeed forwarded them all on to the appropriate people and hope to hear back with answers for you all very soon. In regards to the questions themselves I think we got a pretty mix which should provide us all with some entertaining answers.

I will try keep this short this week but I do have some news regarding another feature post that I will be putting together very soon. The theme is 'Gifting' and I will be offering my opinion on what chocolates are best to give on certain occasions. This again leads me nicely on to question of the week:

'What was the best/worst chocolate gift you have ever given or received?'

Now I said I will keep this short, so I will sign off here. Please keep sending me your opinions on the products I review - it's always nice to hear form you all.

Have a great bank holiday weekend


The ChocolateMission Omnibus:

The week started off with a small accusation of sexism on my part when I reviewed the Cadbury Snack Wafer. The sentence that ruffled the feathers of reader Jo can be seen in the comment section. Why not head over there yourself and pass an opinion yourself HERE?

This week also saw me get stuck into another three different products thanks to my pals at DGG. First off I tried the superb Lindt Raspberry and Vanilla Yogurt which seem to catch the eye of Claudia, Jen and Benedicte. A few days later things were not quite so rosey when I had the displeasure of trying the Lindt's Chocolat Provence Wild Fruit & Rosemary Chocolate ... it was indeed as bad as it sounds and readers like Phil were none to impressed with the proposition of chocolate and herbs.

Lastly yesterday I reviewed Moritz's Chocolate Ice Cubes which certainly split opinion with readers. One anonymous poster lauded the chocolates for their unique melting point, though Susanne was quick to add that the constituents of these chocolates makes for some scary thinking in regards to health and levels of saturated fat.

News from the Chocolate Market:

* Following PinkWrapperGate (See Monday Review) - Cadbury have announced that the Cadbury Flake will be sporting a pink wrapper in Asda for a limited period in support of Cancer Research. See HERE

* M&S recently did some research into the nations favourite sweets ... this makes for a good interesting read. See HERE

* Cadbury chocolate in New Zealand and Australia will soon be becoming fairtrade like our UK bars. See HERE

* McVitie's have accelerated the rate of growth in the Pouch market with the release of some new chocolate biscuit variants. See HERE

* If you want a Wispa Gold ... I suggest you head to Carlisle. See HERE

Post from other Blogs I enjoyed this week:

* Chocablog - Hotel Chocolat recently sent me across two selection boxes and it looks like Dom got tasked with reviewing some of the others from the range. For his Milk Chocolate Oblivion review. See HERE

* Foodstufffinds - Has had another busy week tracking down the latest products to be hitting our grocery shelves. It was these Walkers Jamaican Jerk Chicken crisps that caught my eye this week. See HERE

* ImpulsiveBuy - Marvo posted a load of reviews this week but it these Blue Benny Raspberry Vanilla Aspen Frozen Yogurt Granola Bars (phew mouthful!) really appealed to me. See HERE

* CandyBlog - Cybele got round to trying Tobelerone Fruit & Nut. She didn't think all that much of the chocolate but seemingly I am not the only one to love the triangular shaped blocks. See Here

* GiGiReviews - GiGi finally reviewed something that wasn't even worthy of giving a rating ... presenting Claim Jumper's Shrimp Scampi. See HERE