August 5th: Green & Black's Espresso

Kcal 549 Fat 41.6g Carbs 33.8g (per 100.0g)

When I saw Dom's review (HERE) of this bar on Chocablog last month I literally ran out to my local Waitrose to get hold of it. I tend to stick mostly away from the Green & Black's brand as for some reason it really just doesn't have the appeal of say a comparable Lindt bar. When Dom described this as a 'strong black coffee in bar form' I simply couldn't resist the prospect and had to give it a try for myself. Described as 'dark chocolate infused with strong Arabica coffee' I really like the sound of it and was hoping that it could at least meet the standards of the superb Milka Amavel Mousse au Cappuccino or the similarly good Concious Chocolate Choca Mocha Magic.

This bar came in a 100.0g size that was divided into 30 rather small looking blocks. As I have already mentioned I am normally not really not a fan of Green & Black's chocolate and I think this view has developed as a result of the rather bland and unexciting looking packaging. In my opinion the brown background implemented across most of the range just looks rather boring and simply isn't as exciting or premium looking when compared to other chocolate brands that sit alongside it on the confectionery shelf. Although I thought the outer packaging was rather dull I was more impressed by the branded, gold foil wrapper that kept the chocolate in a fine and unblemished condition. I was further encouraged by the smell which emanated from the chocolate which had a strong coffee fragrance - things were looking promising.

I was a little pessimistic at first at the size of the blocks but once I tasted the chocolate I understood why they were so small. This had to be one of the strongest flavoured chocolates I had ever tasted and as a lover of coffee this was one hundred percent a good thing. As soon as the chocolate landed on my tongue the coffee influence exploded into action with a sharp release of bitter, roasted coffee bean flavours. The actual chocolate element to the bar came through very late in the soft melt and didn't go beyond establishing a relatively no frills, unsweetened cocoa lick. The coffee was so strong I think it would be accurate to describe the chocolate as more of an afterthought in the grand scheme of the taste; this was fine with me considering it was actually the coffee part that I was enjoying the most. Due to the sheer strength of the product the small sized blocks made perfect sense and it only took about four, five at a time to really satisfy my sweet fix demand. With most products I like to get a second opinion so I asked a fellow coffee lover what they thought. Their verdict ... 'lovely in terms of coffee but not necessarily a good chocolate' i.e. it wouldn't satisfy a chocolate craving.

Overall I think this bar was perfectly summed up by the above second opinion. In terms of chocolate this bar really wasn't that great - not only did it come through late in the taste but it also wasn't exactly mind blowing when it did eventually appear. In regards to coffee flavours though I really have to hand it to Green & Black's here - they were simply outstanding. The coffee element was strong and not weak and held back in its intensity like too many coffee flavoured products I have tried before. I am pretty much repeating what Dom at Chocablog concluded here word for word but he was bang on the money when he said that for fans of coffee this is really a chocolaty paradise. For those that can't think of anything worse than a coffee flavoured chocolate this bar probably belongs in your nightmares. It doesn't take a genius to work out the sort of people I recommend this bar to.

8.6 out of 10