August 8th: Milka Toffee Ganznuss

Kcal 560 Fat 36.5g Fat(sats) 17.5g Carbs 52.0g (per 100.0g)

When the question 'what product would you most like to see return to the shelves' is asked one of the most commonly mentioned bars is the Cadbury Nuts about Caramel. Unfortunately we are yet to see this bar make its triumphant return, however today I got to try a Milka bar which followed much the same idea. This Milka Toffee Ganznuss came described as 'Alpine milk chocolate with a caramel creme filling with added whole hazelnuts', which didn't sound all too dissimilar from the Milka Caramel bar I reviewed back in October last year. If you read this review and like the sound of this bar then I suggest you head to Dean-German-Grocery who sent me this bar to review today.

As you will be able to tell from the picture above this bar wasn't part of the standard 100.0g range but was a part of the mammoth 300.0g Milka selection. Of course with the amount of chocolate I have to eat to keep up with my review schedule I decided to share this with a group of friends as I never would have been able to get through the entire bar myself. On the whole I was very impressed with the packaging and especially liked the on pack illustrations which depicted an enticing, yet still relatively realistic picture of the inner product. The chocolate inside was divided into well sized blocks that were perfect for eating one at a time. When cross-sectioned the inner layers were clearly visible with the inner creme, caramel and whole hazelnut pieces distinguished and visible in each and every piece. In line with expectations the smell was sweet with a hint of nut - by this point I was expecting this bar to deliver big time.

Thankfully I can report that the chocolate didn't let itself down when it came to the taste test and it was thoroughly enjoyed by most people that tried it. The chocolate that coated the bar really brought no surprises - it was very milk based with its sweet, creamy flavours and had just the slightest note of hazelnut. The real delight of this bar though lay within the inner caramel flavoured creme and caramel layers - they were simply delicious. The inner creme provided the softest, cool textured centre that was deliciously creamy with just the slightest toffee hint. The toffee flavours were of course further enhanced by the actual caramel which really drove home the sweet, buttery flavours that were initially set up by the creme. Sitting at the heart of the caramel almost like an end treat to the melt of the chocolate were the hazelnut pieces. To be honest they were a bit hit or miss - in some blocks the nuts were fresh, crunchy and full of woody nut flavours ... in others they were soft, lacking in flavour and on the whole a bit lacklustre - it was a little bit of a lottery.

Overall as I have mentioned the bar was enjoyed by most that tried it and I for one certainly absolutely loved it. In the blocks where the nuts were of a good quality the taste was simply divine and had a devilish moreishness that kept me coming back for more. As is the case with most Milka products some may find the taste a little on the sweet side but frankly if you buy a milk chocolate caramel bar you would be a bit stupid thinking that this wouldn't be the case. I guess for the time being we won't be seeing the Cadbury Nuts about Caramel. This is of course is a little disappointing but having tried this wonderful Milka offering for the moment I will be more than happy settling for this great substitute. If you like your milk chocolate and caramel combination I would really recommend you try this one.

8.9 out of 10