September 2nd: Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster White and Light Selection - Part 2

If you didn't check out the site yesterday you may be wondering what the hell is going on. If you haven't read yesterdays post I suggest you take a quick glance as today I am bringing you Part 2 of my review of Hotel Chocolat's The Sleekster White and Light Selection. Right lets get cracking ...

Lemon Cheesecake - This one was formed of a lemon ganache and whipped mascarpone buttercream with an outer coating of white chocolate. This wasn't one of my favourite pieces but the rest of my family loved the slightly tart, citrus cream flavoured centre for its delicate taste and smooth, soft feel in the mouth. Although not one of my personal favourites it was a nice change up from a nut biased selection. Good.

Apricot Praline - This piece came billed as a white chocolate truffle with an apricot praline filling topped with pine nuts. This was a bit of a disappointment for both myself and another family member as we felt it lacked a real apricot influence. The combination of the chocolate and filling made for a delicious creamy taste and the pine nuts were a nice unique touch. At the end of the day though the chocolate didn't quite deliver on its proposition. Standard.

Coconut Cube - This one sounded a little busy in terms of its ingredients but it certainly didn't disappoint. This white chocolate piece included a macadamia praline with pieces of toasted coconut and layer of white chocolate with essential coconut oil and yes ... it was delicious as it sounds. The wonderful base white chocolate cream flavours were nicely complimented by some fine nuts flavours with both the coconut and macadamia elements ever present adding further to the milky taste. Another standout element about this chocolate were the variable textures from the smooth melting chocolate to the slightly gritty praline and toasted hazelnut. Superb.

Mocha Buttercream - Oh what could have been! I was expecting quite a bit from this piece as the description of 'airy light buttercream with a dash of chocolate and coffee' really had me salivating. Unfortunately despite the wonderfully cream based flavours from the outer white chocolate the centre was more hot chocolate than it was coffee routed ... the coffee was very milk indeed. Still a fine tasting chocolate but a little bit disappointing given the promise of the description. Standard.

Fudged Praline - 'Almond praline studded with pieces of fudge topped with a milk caramel chocolate button' .. surely a match made in heaven? In my opinion is wasn't quite as good as I hoped but conversely the rest of my family thought it was wonderful. Myself I thought that the almond praline was again lacking in flavour and didn't quite think the sugary fudge pieces worked with the already quite sweet white chocolate. My family thought otherwise and commented that the more subtle flavoured filling allowed the toffee flavours of the fudge to come through in the taste more. Good.

Pure Nut Crest - I liked this one so much I nabbed both for myself, it was utterly fantastic. Hotel Chocolat billed this piece as an 'extremely nutty experience with finely ground hazelnuts and cocoa butter' and in my opinion it was one of the best in the box. The textures this chocolate produced were wonderful - the transition from the outer chocolate to the inner praline was seamless with both melting like butter in the mouth with the greatest of softness. The initial cream based, vanilla hinted flavours of the chocolate were fantastic and the inner praline left a longing woody, hazelnut note in the mouth. Superb.

Gianduja Square - There have been a few grumblings from readers that Hotel Chocolat should bring back their Gianduja Square products and having tasted these I have to say I totally back this campaign. The piece was rather large to consume in one mouthful though the milk and white chocolate fusion melted with the softest grace. The taste was noted with just a touch of hazelnut which altogether made for an interesting and variable overall taste. Hotel Chocolat please bring these back! Superb.

Overall there are no two ways of putting this - The Sleekster White and Light Selection is a simply fantastic white chocolate selection that I would 100% recommend for white chocolate lovers. This box of chocolates was beautifully presented and variable in terms of options - I think it is fair to say that there is something to satisfy most tastes. With all selection boxes you expect their to be a few duds but I personally didn't dislike any of the ones in this selection. Indeed I thought some of the chocolates were superior to others, but there weren't any that I probably wouldn't try again given the chance. I am going to be writing a feature post about the best chocolates to gift as presents soon and I think it is a very strong likelyhood that these will be featuring. If your a white chocolate lover this is pretty close to white chocolate heaven.

9.1 out of 10