September 10th: Twix Cappuccino

Kcal 125 Fat 6.2g Carbs 16.2g (per 22.5g finger)

I have no idea where he is getting these products from but ChocolateMission reader Alan has managed to pluck another bar seemingly out of nowhere and was kind enough to send along this limited edition Twix. Old skool (yes I am cool enough to spell that with a k!) may remember my review of the limited edition Twix Java that was released in America which I tried way back in the day when this very site was first being set up. The Twix Java incorporated the heavenly formula of coffee flavoured caramel and a cookie base, coated with milk chocolate - it was superb and I wish they would bring it back. Well today thanks to that kind chap Alan I got to try this bar produced by Mars Polska (Poland) - the Twix Cappuccino.

This bar came in a standard Twix size with two 22.5 finger pieces that I ate over the course of one sitting. Personally I thought the packaging looked superb, and was pleased to see that this limited edition used the same foil material that can be seen across the rest of the range. The mixture of gold and silver colours made a vibrant appearance, whilst the on pack design was well structured and clear. As you can see in the photo above the fingers looked very appetising with the caramel a darker orangey colour than normal - it looked both distinctive and enticing. As well as looking the part the foil wrapper also managed to maintain a great degree of freshness to the product - it not only looked unblemished looks wise, but it also had a pleasant chocolaty, coffee aroma that didn't fail to whet my appetite further.

Although I couldn't read the packaging (Polish!) I was expecting the biscuit section of this bar to be made up by a shortbread biscuit just like our standard UK Twix, but upon closer it looked slightly darker. When it came to the taste it was obvious this was the case because the biscuit had a slightly touch of cocoa which I think gave it a slightly more interesting flavour than it would have done had it just been the plain shortbread. In regards to the outer chocolate I didn't any differences whatsoever between the UK chocolate and the Polish stuff. Both I would describe as nicely paced in melt and with a smooth, milky taste that substantiates a fair tasting chocolaty context with each bite. As with all Twix bars the main focus of the taste obviously came through the caramel and once again it was well executed in this bar. In comparison to the Java this Cappuccino bar was a little more relaxed in its coffee flavours and had a creamier chocolaty taste. What made this bar so delicious was the way the sweet flavours of the chocolate combined with the richer, bolder influences of the coffee which all culminated in a subtle lick of salt from the caramel ... in a word 'Yum'! Both fingers provided a satisfying and fulfilling experience though I could easily have seen myself reaching for yet another finger if it were possible.

Overall I have to take my hat off to Mars here for producing yet another fine Limited Edition in the form of this Cappuccino bar. Personally given the choice I still think I would choose the Twix Java over this bar as I enjoyed the stronger coffee flavours of the Java. That is just my personal preference though and I can definitely see many people preferring this bar over the Java as I guess the majority of people like their coffee a little more subtle and creamier in taste. What I find so satisfying about bars like this and the Java is that they do exactly what they say on the wrapper i.e. this one actually does taste of Cappuccino! Although I have rated this bar slightly lower than the Java I would strongly suggest you give it a try if you like your standard Twix. This is one I would most certainly have again.

8.5 out of 10