September 11th Trumpf Schogetten Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Kcal 553 Fat 35.0g Carbs 53.0g (per 100.0g)

You must all be getting a little bored of these Schogetten review by now - I think this must be the seventh bar of theirs that I have reviewed in little under a month. So far I think their range has been a bit of a mixed bunch - the Tiramisu really stood out as a bar that I enjoyed, whilst the Cappuccino and Milk Cream Caramel were hardly chocolates that offended me in any manner. Unfortunately a few of their bars really have resonated with me - the White Chocolate and the 'For Kids' offerings stand out as prominent examples. Not to be deterred by any of this, Dean-German-Grocery gave me the opportunity to try yet another from their range, in the form of this Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts bar.

In true Schogetten style the chocolate came billed as a straight up no bends proposition - simply 'milk chocolate with hazelnuts (10%)' and came in 100.0g size that was split into 18 individual block pieces. I have commented before how Trumpf haven't exactly pulled out all the stops with the Schogetten packaging and this product did little to change my mind. Aside from the small on pack picture and branding their was little to communicate the flavour theme. Although I still think Trumpf have work to be done there, As I have repeatedly said I like the way the Schogetten bars are already broken into the separate blocks. Once again the surfaces had clean cut appearances though I was a little wary of the smallness of the hazelnut fragments when I split once of the pieces in half. In regards to aroma the bar didn't do much more for me than most of the other Schogetten bars - a strong sweet, chocolaty smell emanated from the foil packaging but didn't overly excite me in any manner.

I hate to make this review a little boring but there is very little I can do to glam up on the chocolate on show here - it was almost mediocre if every sense in terms of taste. One thing that Trumpf can be attributed with is consistency and their milk chocolate delivered exactly the same experience that it has done throughout the entire Schogetten range. In terms of flavours the chocolate had an underpinning milky taste that developed a strong sugary influence as the melt progressed. Again like most other Schogetten offerings the chocolate did have a small hint of hazelnut paste throughout the taste though surprisingly the small hazelnut particles did very little to enhance the flavour. In some pieces the woody, nut flavours were a little stronger, though on the balance of things I would say they had little influence whatsoever. One thing that the hazelnut pieces did add was a small roughness to the texture which wasn't particularly too my preference, especially when the melt is normally so soft. With a little help from some work colleagues the bar was finished within a few days in the office ... put in to context goods like Hotel Chocolat normally last a matter of minutes.

Overall I think I have already summed up this bar quite well when I said it was 'mediocre in every sense'. I would like to stress that like many of the Schogetten bars that have gone before it didn't offend me, taste awful or anything like that but at the same time it just paled into the background of the other hundreds of bars I have tried over the last few years. Personally I am often never a big fan of chocolate nut bars that implement the nuts in small pieces - I am really more of a wholenut man. Unfortunately the smallness of the pieces I think led to the lack of nut flavours and rough texture that I experienced with this bar which altogether made the experience less pleasant than I was hoping for. In a market that isn't exactly lacking in alternatives I would suggest you try a bar like the Ritter Sport Milk Whole Hazelnuts to get your fill.

6.9 out of 10

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