September 12th: Whittaker's White Chocolate

Kcal 559 Fat 33.7g Fat(sats) 20.9g Carbs 54.5g

Those kind folks at Shopenzed have been at it again and have sent me another package full of the latest goods to grace the Southern Hemisphere's confectionery market. Lesley my contact from Shopenzed, was pleased that I loved the last lot of Whittaker's bar she sent so being the kind person she is she happily sent me across another few offerings from their range. The first of which I tried today in the form of their White Chocolate offering. This bar was described on pack as a 'quality white chocolate crafted to a traditional recipe using creamy whole milk'.

Like all the other Whittaker's bars this came in a gigantic 250.0g bar (nope no sneaky Cadbury 230.0g here!) that I brought into my office to share around as I never would have finished it by myself. I have said it before and I will happily say it again - the presentation of this product was simply fantastic. The outer gold foil wrapper looked class and the clever integration of pictures and stylish font yet again gave this bar a very premium feel. Below the outer paper wrapper the chocolate was contained within a thick gold foil wrapper than maintained the chocolate in a really first class condition. The chocolate not only looked appetising but it also smelt utterly divine with a strong dairy sweet floral smell evident upon opening it up.

As aforementioned due to the size of the bar there was no way I was going to eat the whole bar to myself so I shared this amongst some people in my office and having tasted it there was only one word on everyones lips - 'Milkybar'. Yes indeed this chocolate tasted no different to the UK's own Milkybar but just with a touch less sweetness. That is not to say the taste wasn't sweet - it still was and it had a strong brown sugar type influence to the cream based flavours that were substantiated with the melt. In regards to the melt itself, it was well paced and softened at a reasonable rate in the mouth with a kind smoothness. Just like Milkybar the predominantly creamy, sugary taste had a nice vanilla hint to it which sort of softened the impact of the sugar hit to the tastebuds. On the whole I thought that the taste was well rounded and the creamy, milky flavours made for a moreish white chocolate. Although moreish, due to the sweetness this wasn't a chocolate that I wanted to consume in huge quantities so in that light I guess it wasn't the most fulfilling of snacks.

Overall this was yet another quality bar from Whittaker's and they have once again proved that their high standards are maintained across their range. This white chocolate was still on the sweet side in comparison to most other chocolates, though on the balance of things it avoided the pitfall of being overly sweet like so many white chocolates that have gone before on this site. The peak of the melt was really where this chocolate was at its best, when the double cream flavours developed a fantastic vanilla hint that left a longing set of flavours in the mouth as the chocolate liquor slipped down the throat. Would I recommend this bar then!? Yes ... but only to my readers who don't have Nestle Milkybar at hand as that bar delivers roughly the same experience only with a touch more sugar. If you like white chocolate this is one of the better options out there in what is really a rather poorly executed part of the chocolate market.

8.5 out of 10

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