September 13th: 7Days of Chocolate Reviews - Edition 14

Hi Everyone,

This weeks round
up post is going to be in a slight different format this week . I am going to attempt to congest the usual four sections into just a few small paragraphs as I have been working hard at my latest feature **** STARS & THEIR BARS **** which is linked at the end of this post.

This week
the site featured some really high scoring products with the first being my reivew of the Cadbury Wispa Gold which appeared on Monday. Since publication the review has attracted countless positive remarks about the bar ... way too many to mention! If you haven't left your views yet be sure to check out the review HERE. Not to be upstaged the next product reviewed also managed to obtain a staggering 9.3 score on the ChocolateMission rating scale - Hotel Chocolat's Sleekster Serious Dark Fix Selection (see HERE). This was a fantastic selection of chocolates which I would undoubtedly be recomming in my upcoming gifting feature.

News on the market -I am sure none of us missed the Kraft £10.2bn hostile takeover
bid for Cadbury (see HERE) .... good or bad guys!??? I am a bit split myself. There are both positives and negatives in that but I can't help but worry that Kraft could change the Cadbury production methods and switch to the shortcut ways that many American producers opt for. Let me know what you think! In other news Nestle are launching some Toffee Crisp & Munchies mini bites tubs (see HERE), more news on those Cadbury cakes I talked about last week (see HERE), Thorntons profits are plunging (see HERE), cocoa prices are rising (see HERE) and lastly a number of chocolate manufacturs have signed up for an ethical cocoa scheme (see HERE)

Other posts I enjoyed
this week included this review of Dreyer's/Edys Apple Pie Ice Cream at GiGi Reviews (see HERE), Marvo's review of Jif's new Omega-3 laden Peanut Butter (see HERE), Japanese Snack Reviews look at the latest Kinako Ohagi Kit Kat (see HERE) and lastly Foodstufffinds reivew of the polite sounding 'Good Afternoon' bar from the Chocolate Society (see HERE).

Now here is what you have all not been waiting for:

In case you didn't see last weeks post for the last 7 days I have been hounding celebs via Twitter to find out their favourite chocolate bars. I have had some lovely resposnses from some ultimate Z-List celebs! Take a click on the above and let me know if you know of any other celebs I can add to our list.

N.B This is all work in progress at time of pulbication.

I hope you all have fab weeks - let me know what you think about **STARS AND THEIR BARS***