September 14th: McVitie's Mars Mini Rolls

Kcal 130 Fat 5.6g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 18.4g (per mini roll)

I normally try stay away from the cakes side of the chocolate market but I am a sucker for a request so couldn't turn down trying out these McVitie's Mars Mini Rolls. It seems McVitie's have a partnership with Mars to produce all of their spin-off bakery products from muffins, to flapjacks and now mini rolls. Thinking back to my review of the Mars Muffin I remember it being somewhat of a flawed master piece in that it was wonderfully tasty but lacking in caramel filling making the majority of the muffin dry as a bone. Described as 'mini rolls with a soft caramel filling, covered in smooth milk chocolate', these didn't sound like an all too different prospect so I was hoping they could execute the formula a little better.

I bought these in a pack of 6 that I ate across the course of a week one at a time. Presentationwise as you would expect all was rather good. The usual Mars colour theme (black, red and gold of course!) was implemented well across the entire product whilst I liked the way an accurate representation of the product was displayed on the front. If I would have one criticism it would be that the film type packaging used to contain the rolls didn't look as great as foil ones would but even these did their job to a reasonably good standard. When cross-sectioned the rolls looked pretty appetising with the outer chocolate appearing relatively thick, whilst the inner caramel plentiful. The enticing look combined with the sweet, cakey smells made for a very tempting snack at hand; the question left was whether the taste could match the billing?

Having the spectacularly huge gob I do these Mini Rolls took me less the four bites to eat in totality. Luckily for these Mini Rolls every single one of these bites was pretty damn glorious and just as I hoped the Mini Rolls succeeded where the Mars Muffin failed. Each bite incorporated milk chcolate, chocolate cake and most importantly caramel filling. Being the wierdo I am I managed to get a ridiculous amount of pleasure from nibbling off the outer chocolate before consuming the inner cake. The chocolate wasn't spectacular in any sense but really just what you would come to expect from Mars milk chocolate - sweet with a strong milky cream inclination. The inner cake also had a very sweet, chocolaty taste but the inner caramel added a nice bit of variation by not only bringing a degree of moistness to the texture, but also some added butter and salt influences to the taste. Due to their size these weren't the most fulfilling snacks ever but as an accompaniment to an afternoon tea I can't complain whatsoever.

Overall the easiest thing to do is compare these to the Mars Muffin as they were pretty much the same product but just in a smalle size. Comparing like for like I can conclude that these were much to my preference. The proportion of caramel to cake was far better and the being able to nibble the outer chocolate off before devouring the rest made for a fun and playful snacking option. This review has inspired me to brand further afield now into the Cadbury cake collection - Cadbury Mini Rolls and Cadbury Caramel Cake Bars be warned you have been marked out for a review :) In the meantime I would strongly suggest you try these if you are a fan of a Mars bar. Obviously not quite as good as the daddy itself, but as a cheeky little snack it is a nice little option.

8.2 out of 10