September 15th: Cadbury Fingers Minis

Kcal 205 Fat 10.8g Fat(sats) 4.3g Carbs 24.3g

How these have escaped a review on Chocolate Mission over the past two years I do not know!? Cadbury Fingers take me back to fond memories of birthday parties as a kid - it almost seems like these never come out the cupboard unless there was a birthday to celebrate. Back in the day these were a real favourite of mine - so I guess you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across a 'New Munch Bag' variant at my local train station. Packing all the goodness of the standard sized Cadbury Fingers these came described as 'mini biscuits covered with milk chocolate'.

The bag of Mini Fingers weighed in at 40.0g and contained around 15 pieces. The presentation was all very Cadbury like in that it adopted the usual purple colour scheme with the traditional white playful fonts. I thought the fingers themselves were nicely sized at about three times the size of the original Fingers. Another thing that impressed me with these was the freshness, that was more than evident through the strong sweet dairy smell and unbroken nature of the fingers.

So were these bad boys coated with the wonderful Dairy Milk ... nuh uh!! The milk chocolate used here was the stuff used to make the slightly cheaper Cadbury products e.g. Freddo and Fudge bars. Of course only saddos like myself would probably be able to tell, though I could personally detect the difference as the taste of the chocolate was just that little bit sweeter, less milk based and thinner in its melt. The chocolate was still pretty nice but I must admit I enjoyed the biscuit centres more. The biscuit was crunchy with a nice wheaty flavour that had a wonderful driving brown sugar note. The resulting taste was ever so moreish and I really enjoyed letting the outer chocolate melt away in my mouth before munching away on the softened biscuit that was left. The 40.0g bag was unfortunately empty not long after I opened it - still though it proved to be a sufficient snack.

Overall I wasn't expecting miracles from these nor did I get them. What I experienced was exactly what I was expecting - a simple yet pretty tasty chocolate and biscuit combination. The milk chocolate was of a good standard, whilst the biscuit element held its own and made for a pleasant addition to the chocolate. These may have only scored a high seven in the ratings but I will probably have these again the near future. I suggest that if you enjoy the standard sized variant or are in need of getting in touch withe some childhood pastimes that you treat yourselves to a pack of these.

7.8 out of 10