September 22nd: Cadbury Peanuts

Kcal 145 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 3.5g Carbs 8.4g (per 25.0g)

It has taken me awhile to get around to reviewing these but my reluctance to doing so has been mainly rooted in the limited pack sizes these Cadbury Peanuts come in. A couple of months ago when the new Cadbury Clusters, Raisins and Peanuts products were released I straight away went about reviewing the Clusters as they were immediately available to try in a sensible sized one serving packet. I have for the last couple of months been waiting for the same size packs to surface for both the Peanuts and the Raisins but as of writing this is still yet to happen. With me reviewing the comparable Mars Treets just last month I felt like I couldn't hold out reviewing these any longer and reluctantly bought these in my local Tesco.

Armed with a 200.0g pack of chocolate coated peanuts I brought these into my work office and shared them with my work colleagues. Presentationwise I thought the product was a bit of a mixed bag. In regards to the outer packaging I have to give a big thumbs up - the gold foil matted outer wrapper looked pleasing on the eye and I liked the playful, fun fonts that branded the pack. On completely the other end of the spectrum though I have to say how bad the actual peanut pieces looked. They looked tiny in size and just looked completely underwhelming in the hand ... frankly they just looked boring. When I opened the foil bag I was met with a pleasant waft of nutty scents, though I guess when put in the context of other peanut products like the Snickers and Mars Treets even this was a let down.

I bet you can guess already from my opening two paragraph this wasn't going to be a positive review so I will take these straight to task and let you know where I felt they went wrong. I have already commented on the pathetic aesthetic size of the peanuts but when it came to tasting them the size factor really became even more disappointing. The smallness of the nut pieces meant that each individual peanut was only coated with most minimal amount of chocolate which resulted in the chocolate never coming across as strong as I would have liked. Of course I thought this was a real shame as it was not the chocolate itself that was a poor quality - it was just the proportion of nut to chocolate that was the letdown. As underwhelmed as I was by the size of the peanuts, the real disappointment with them came in the taste - in a word they were simply 'bland'. The peanuts lacked any sort of flavour and only managed to establish the most meagre nut flavours in the mouth. They weren't buttery, salty, roasted or anything ... just simply lacking in a telling, meaningful flavour influence. For me a handful of these delivered absolutely nothing in terms of hungers fulfilment though I guess this was never going to be the case due to the complete lacking of flavour.

Overall these were a hugely disappointing product for me and I really think they paled in comparison to the Mars Treets that I reviewed previously. I really didn't get off on the right foot with these with being forced in to buying a ridiculous pack size that no man (or woman!) would ever want to eat or be able to carry round with relative ease. Where the pack size was annoying the taste was just as disappointing. The chocolate was of a good standard like most Cadbury products but it simply just didn't have much of a say in the taste due to the small sized peanuts. The peanuts themselves were not only lacking in size but unfortunately also flavour. As aforementioned when compared to Mars Treets the penauts used by Cadbury here ... were ...well ... pathetic! I honestly wouldn't recommend these to you, but if your a Cadbury fan and like coated peanuts you might want to check them out for yourself.

5.0 out of 10