September 24th: McVitie's Galaxy Cake Bars

One of the first requests I received on my new 'Requests Page' was to have a look into a slightly different part of the market to standard chocolate bars, and to check out the latest Cake Bar products. My investigation started with me reviewing Mars and Cadbury's respective Mini Rolls and today I continued to explore this niche market by casting my eye (and mouth!) over these Galaxy Cake Bars.

Normally I would have settled for just reviewing both these variants one at a time, but when I saw a special offer on 2 packs for £1.50 in Tesco I simply couldn't resist and bought them both. Each pack consisted of five individually wrapped Cake Bars with the packaging of each variant varying just ever so slightly. As you will see below both the standard flavoured and Caramel flavoured took upon the look of their respective normal chocolate bars and just as with them I thought the designs looked impressive. What I also liked was that the illustrations of the Cake Bars on the front of the packet gave a good indication of what the inner product looked like. That said I would have preferred that the inner wrappers were made of a foil material and not the film type material that the bars came in as I think this may have kept them even fresher.

Below are my thoughts on each variant:

McVitie's Galaxy Cake Bar:

Kcal 154 Fat 8.8g Fat(sats) 4.4g Carbs 17.2g (per bar)

One of the first things I noticed about these when I looked at the packaging was that this original variant contained another 2.7g of fat and 1.4g of saturated fat despite being the same size! Hmmm! Boring stuff out the way this bar was described as a 'cake bar with a smooth chocolate cram centre, covered in Galaxy milk chocolate'.

I hope from the picture above you can see that the outer chocolate was actually surprisingly thick. It certainly managed to substantiate a wonderful full on effect Galaxy milk chocolate taste which I have described many times before. It was thick, yet wonderfully smooth in its melt and generated a simply divine cream based chocolaty taste as soon as it hit my tongue. In comparison to the fantastic outer chocolate I guess it has to be said that that inner cake was a little on the bland side, though I still like the wheaty, sweet eggy flavours it brought to the party. With the proportion of cake vastly outweighing the chocolate I was a little worried that the texture might get a little dry, though my fears were all but laid to rest when the chocolate cream came through in the taste. Tastewise it didn't add much terms of flavours as it was so similar to the chocolate. What it did deliver though was a nice cool, moistness which certainly added nicely to the cake element.

Overall these were a nice set of Cake Bars though I think this was largelly down to the divine Galaxy milk chocolate that coated them. I think if the chocolate was taken away then the inner cake and chocolate cream element might have just seemed a little average and perhaps a little boring. I always like to rate things on whether I would have them again!? The answer to this would be a straight up YES. Maybe these weren't the most exciting product in the world, but they were tasty nonetheless.

7.9 out of 10

McVitie's Galaxy Caramel Cake Bars:

Kcal 124 Fat 6.1g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 15.9g (per bar)

Right, if there is one thing better than standard Galaxy milk chocolate it has to be Galaxy Caramel milk chocolate and I was really looking forward to trying these. Described as 'sponge cake bars with a caramel centre, covered in Galaxy milk chocolate' these really took my fancy and I couldn't waite to see if they could trump the original flavoured ones.

My description of these will be a little shorter to the ones above as I will spare you details in regards to how brilliant the outer Galaxy milk chocolate was (see above!!). Again I thought the inner cake was a little bland in taste as it also was no different to the what I experiences with the originals above. Where these really did excel and made them stand apart from the originals though was of course in the simply divine caramel layer. Just as with the original Galaxy Caramel chocolate bar the caramel perfectly complimented the chocolate and showed all the dexterity in its flavours than the original bar. The caramel was sweet, slightly salty and terrifically buttery in terms of taste and just like its chocolate cream counterpart the moistness it provided really reinvigorated the cake element just as it was becoming too dry in the mouth.

Overall you will be able to tell from the wonderful scoring charts that these were my preferred variant out the two and given the chance they would be the one I would choose to buy again if given the option. For me the caramel element was just a little more exciting than the chocolate cream filling and it provided just a little variation in the taste. Would I have this one again? Oh hell yes. A really fine tasting Cake Bar and it would be the one I recommend slightly more out of the two on show today.

8.1 out of 10