September 30th: Lindt Peach-Apricot Yogurt

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

The raft of NPD (new product development) coming out of Lindt at present seemingly knows no end as I today (courtesy of Dean-German-Grocery) got to grips with yet another of their new summer variants. Like many of the others this was another fruit flavoured chocolate and was implemented through the means of another flavoured yogurt filling. The fruits of focus for todays bar as you may have guessed from the title were indeed peach and apricot. Although the prospect of another fruit flavoured yogurt chocolate didn't sound all that inspiring, at least the fruits of choice were a little out of the ordinary from the usual wildberry and citrus fruit suspects.

As you will have seen above in the photo this bar was from the part of the Lindt range that I like to call 'Pods'. The outer packaging was very respectable and used a nice choice of colour scheme and illustrations to communicate the flavour theme of the bar. Generally I rate the appearance of these Lindt 'Pods' extremely highly with scores of 8 or 9 seen across the range. This bar though immediately raised suspicions with the look of its speckled yogurt filling ... surely Lindt wouldn't have made a yogurt filling with 'bits' in it!? The horror thoughts of 'bits in the filling' were somewhat put to the back of mind for a minute when I got a whiff of the fantastic aroma that emanated when the foil seal was broken. The sweet fruity smells didn't fail in tempting me so I just dug right in.

I always try to give every product on this site a fair and unbiased review and try to weigh up my own likes and dislikes to what I think general consensus would be. Today that whole ethos went out the window - this review is probably going to read as selfish as it will ever get on this site. I had one fundamental problem with this bar ... it wasn't the creamy milk chocolate ... it wasn't the tangy yet milky yogurt filling ... It was the implementation of the fruit. Ever since I was a child I have hated yogurt or fruit juices that contain 'fruit bits'. In this bar the small fruit pieces gave the soft melt of the chocolate and filling an unusual grainy texture that just didn't sit with me whatsoever. Admittedly they did very much deliver in terms of juicy fruit flavours but the impression they made on the texture was enough to put me off eating this bar in great quantities. As mentioned the milk chocolate was of relatively good standard with the milk cocoa flavours making way for the more cream based influences of the yogurt as the taste progressed. Although quite withheld the peach flavours were present in the actual yogurt filling, though the apricot wasn't detectable until the fruit 'bits' came in to play. The texture of the product was the real bane for me, however I also detected the apricot leaving a sour note in the mouth in the aftertaste.

Overall this was truly a bar that I just really didn't get on with. Selfish though it may be I have tell it like I see it and the fruit 'bits' were really a sore point for me here. Call me fussy but I thought they ruined the sublime soft textures of the chocolate and yogurt filling and as mentioned above they also left a dampener on the aftertaste. The fruit credentials of this bar cannot be doubted - if you can see past the problems I had with the texture and like your peach and apricot fruits I would say there is potential here that you may really rather enjoy. I don't think I am the fussiest of eaters but this was a bar that I just really didn't enjoy that much - I most certainly won't be coming back again.

5.9 out of 10

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