September 3rd: Trumpf Schogetten Praline

Kcal 539 Fat 32.0g Carbs 56.0g (per 100.0g)

I think Dean-German-Grocery were probably a little surprised when I reviewed a few German bars that were not supplied to me by themselves, but by ChocolateMission reader Lottie. Indeed, in the past few weeks I have reviewed three Trumpf Schogetten offerings - starting with the Cappuccino, then the Milk Cream Caramel and finally the Tiramisu flavoured bar. Just in order to prove they stock absolutely every German brand ever created, Dean-German-Grocery kindly sent me this 'Praline Noisettes' flavour, which came billed as 'milk chocolate with a praline nougat filling'.

This bar came in the standard Schogetten size in a 100.0g bar that was split into 18 nicely sized pieces. I must say I am really coming to like the style of the blocks already split into individual pieces - it is not only hassle free but it saves the messy business of splitting the bar up which I am coming to believe is rather handy. In my opinion the packaging could still do with a little work, I personally think it looks just a little retro with the photo dominating the front. I think that Trumpf should keep the use of colour to split out the flavours (duh!), but should make the rest a little more subtle - it is a little garish at the moment. One thing I won't complain about was the smell; as just I hoped for a strong whiff of nut was released from the foil wrapping when I split it.

The smell suggested that this was a chocolate that heavily influenced by nuts and the taste confirmed this. Now I have been a little critical of Schogetten milk chocolate in my previous reviews though I thought it suited the filling of this bar more. The milk chocolate provided its usual base flavours that I have now come to realise taste a lot like chocolate milk ... sweet, very milky but don't fail in delivering a firm chocolaty context to the taste. The praline nougat filling was a little drier in texture which differentiated it nicely from the smoother outer chocolate and although it was also pretty sugar based it was thankfully the hazelnuts that dominated in terms of flavour. As soon as the praline was encountered I detected a strong wave of roasted, woody hazelnuts that really hit the mark in delivering a wonderfully rich taste. If I was to say it was a like anything I have tried before I would compare it to Guylian Seashell Truffles which goes some way to telling you the sort of quality that was on offer here. The strength of the nut flavours meant that six blocks of this bar at a time were a more than satisfying snack.

Overall this was my favourite Schogetten milk chocolate bar yet and I have to admit to being surprised at the level of quality that this bar produced. I believe this was the case due to the filling being a lot stronger than the previously reviewed Milk Cream Caramel and Cappucino bars which meant that the milk chocolate was less of a focus itself and more just a vehicle for the inner praline. The praline itself was very enjoyable - it brought a full on, fresh tasting hazelnut element to the party and didn't hold back in terms of the strength of its nut flavours. I have come to realise that Schogetten is really quite a cheap chocolate and one thing I can't deny that it is good value for money. If your a fan of praline chocolates and don't wish to pay through the nose to get your fill this is a good option.

8.4 out of 10