September 5th: Trumpf Schogetten For Kids

Kcal 556 Fat 35.0g Carbs 55.0g (per 100.0g)

My pursuit of finding the best Trumpf Schogetten bar took another step forward today as thanks to Dean-German-Grocery I got to try yet another from their range. I must say that their range has proven to be a little more expansive than I first thought and Dean-German-Grocery sent another two variants along with this one that I will be reviewing soon. At the ripe old age of 22 years old I guess I wasn't exactly the target market that Trumpf had in mind for this 'For Kids' offering, though this wasn't going to deter me from giving it a go anyway. Described as 'milk chocolate with a milky centre' it didn't actually sound all that different from a few Milka bars I have tried in the past and I was struggling to come to terms with what actually made this a more 'For Kids' product.

In regards to the actual product presentation there was nothing there either that really helped me determine how this had been positioned at kids. The size of the product was the same - 100.0g split into 18 individual pieces and the packaging merely communicated the 'For Kids' theme with just a simple piece of branding and smiley face. Personally I think it would have made far greater sense for the actual bar to have been smaller, as well as the size of the blocks themseleves ... what parent wants their child eating 100.0g of chocolater afterall!? Moaning aside I thought the cross-section of the chocolate looked pretty appealing with a plentiful yellow tinted creme centre nicely sitting below a dense outer chocolate layer. In regards to aroma the smell of the chocolate was quite subtle with just a mild dairy bases smell evident upon opening.

Whereas I struggled to see how the packaging and proposition was positioned at kids when it came to the taste things were a little more transparent. If I was to describe the taste in basic terms I would label it a cheap tasting Kinder chocolate. Like I have said previously with Schogetten milk chocolate the taste was really very sweet and this was only further compounded by the inner milk filling that lacked the desired cream based flavours and more tasted like the dried milk powder I used to have as a nipper. The flavours I got from the filling were slightly milky, though had a quite imposing sweet tasting edge that just meant the overriding influence was unaminiously sugar based. In a way I guess I can see how this could appeal to kids as obviosuly when we are younger our tastebuds can feal with sweeter tasting foods. Personally for me though this chocolate just didn't play the right notes and I found myself not wanting more after just a few blocks.

Overall I am finding it hard to criticise this bar as at the end of the day it was never meant for my consumption. A lot of kids products nowadays are literally just packed to the brim full of sugar as it is obviously a far cheaper ingridient than the finer products we have on the market right now. Although not targeted at me, what I can do is make a judegement agaisnt other similar positioned products like Kinder chocolate and I can conclude that this one certainly pales in comparison. As a marketer what I can also pass comment on is the poorness of the execution of this product - its meant to be for kids but aside from the very basic branding nothing about the packaging or design work communicates this. This was certainly not the best offering from the Schogetten rang and will not be one I will have again.

5.6 out of 10

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