September 6th: 7Days of Chocolate Reviews - Edition 13

### Jim's Corner & QOTW ###

Howdy Partners,

I don't have much to say this week apart from give you all a few updates on the latest news my side and some 'up and coming' ChocolateMission features.

Earlier this week a Cadbury Wispa found its way into my possession! Be sure to check out the site on Monday for the review and of course the all important ChocolateMission score.

I also received another box full of treats from those lovely folk at Hotel Chocolat who included some samples of their upcoming Halloween range. I probably won't be sharing my review of them for a few weeks but if you stumble across any Halloween themed goodies you want to see reviewed then please be sure to drop me a line.

Lastly this week I want to brief you on an up and coming feature that will be appearing very soon - 'The ChocolateMission Hall of Fame'. Indeed I have finally found a use of the ChocolateMission Twitter feed apart from pimping my reviews! I am now going to be using Twitter to try and ask our favourite celebs the all important question 'What is your favourite chocolate bar' ... :D So far despite several @Tweets being sent the way of a number of Z-List celebs we have only had one response!! I will be creating a page soon to track all the responses. Lets just pray I don't get thrown in prison for celeb stalking eh!? This should be a really fun ongoing feature. If you know of anyone you want me to try get hold of on Twitter leave me a comment with their Twitter name! Oh and of course join my Twitter feed yourself by clicking HERE!

Have a great week everyone


The ChocolateMission Omnibus:

In terms of scores it has been another topsy-turvy week which started off with a pretty wrank offering served up by the ever inconsistent Thorntons. On Monday I tired their Dark Chocolate with Mint bar which I found disappointing on a number of levels. I have to admit I am losing faith in Thorntons' a bit as I don't like the fact that their products are generally a premium price but don't always deliver the goods. Seemingly I am not alone in this view with Maggs and Phil both expressing similar opinions HERE.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw me split my review of the massive Hotel Chocolat White & Light Selection across these two days with me ultimately revealing the product had scored a superb 9.1. Many readers such as Lottie, David and Steven expressed their love for the praline chocolates, though the Eton Mess also came in for a lot of attention from the likes of Susanne and Daisy HERE. I hope you all enjoyed the format of the review as I will be following up that one with my review of Hotel Chocolat's Seriously Dark Fix selection this week.

Schogetten featured twice this week in the form of their Praline bar and then their 'For Kids' offering HERE. Although the likes of George and myself couldn't see the point of their 'For Kids' bar we all had alot more positive things to say about the Praline bar with the general consensus being that it was a phenomenal chocolate for the price HERE.

News from the Chocolate Market:

* McVities are launching a new limited edition of variant of Jaffa Cakes for Halloween. See HERE

* Uh Oh stock up on your favourite Cadbury bars folks! There could soon be strike action coming soon which could hit their supply chain. See HERE

* Cadbury will be releasing a new line of flapjacks and mini bakes. See Here

* Here is a nice article on how Nestle are weathering the economic downturn with their chocolate business. See HERE

* Old article but one for my American readers - Hotel Chocolat is opening its first store stateside! See HERE

Posts from other Blogs I enjoyed this week:

* Chocablog - Resident Chocablog chef Ben posted his latest recipe this week. This Rocky Road Ice Cream Tart looks absolutely fantastic. See HERE

* GiGiReviews - Managed to turn me lime green with envy when I saw her review of this new Ben & Jerry's ice cream. See HERE

* Japanese Snack Reviews - posted one of the most unusual reviews ever ... even for a Japanese site!! Mammoth meat crackers anyone? See HERE

* Impulsive Buy - Marvo has been trying some awesome cookies this week. His look at the latest Oreo and Chips A'hoy offerings are well worth a gander at. See HERE

* FoodetteReviews - Jess wrote a nice review of the Reese's Big Peanut Butter Cup. See HERE