October 11th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 18

### JIM's Corner & QOTW ###

Hi All,

Edition 18 already and Christmas in 10 weeks ... where does the time go!?

Exciting news this week is that I will soon be getting a sneak preview of Hotel Chocolat's Christmas stock, whilst I will also be publishing the answers to the questions that we all sent a few weeks ago very soon.

In other news the chaps at CandyPirate are going to be sending me the latest limited edition Snickers out in the US and more locally Montezuma's have sent across some of their latest new products.

Question of the week is going to have a bit of a cake bar spin on it, as in the coming week you will see me reviewing quite a few products from this section of the market:

'What is your favourite chocolate cake bar product?' ... for in inspiration I would check out the site later this week or simply look at the reviews I have done already (HERE)

Have a great week


The ChocolateMission Omnibus:

The week got off to a great start with me reviewing both the new caramel products from Cadbury & Mars. Although I thought the Galaxy Pieces were slightly the better product out of the two quite a few readers such as Lottie, Phil and George were a little alarmed by the high price. I say if milk chocolate and caramel are your thing then you should give them both a try. See HERE.

Despite Cadbury getting off to a good start this week they did offer up some more disappointing products in the form of the Cadbury Raisins (See HERE), Cadbury Duo (See HERE) and Cadbury Astros (See HERE). Although none of them were despairingly awful, when you have comments like 'You hit the nail on the head when you labelled them boring' you know that these were not only disappointing for myself.

More positively there were far better reviews for Kraft's Oreo Chocolate Creme (See HERE) and Lindt's Blueberry Yogurt (See HERE). Those of you who are wondering what has happened to Dean-German-Grocery I am afraid I still have no answer for you and I am still awaiting to hear back from them.

News from the Chocolate Market:

* Ferrero have launched a funky new website ... See HERE

* Cadbury is launching a new on-pack price promotion. 39p for all your favourites ... bargain ... See HERE

* Mars are now the sponsers of the England football team ... See HERE

* Galaxy probitoic drinks - chocolate drinks that are good for you, oh really ... See HERE

* Muller are bringing out a new limited edition white chocolate and raspberry yogurt ... See HERE

Posts from Other Blogs I enjoyed this week:

* CandyBlog - Cybele tried one of my favourite dark chocolates of the year the Lindt with a touch of Sea Salt ... See HERE

* Foodstufffinds - Cin found the legendary stuff that is Um Bongo ... See HERE

* GiGiReviews - Gi had be licking my computer screen reviewing another Dreyer's/Edy ice cream ... See HERE

* Chocablog - Deanna's review of the Reese's Whipps had me thinking of fond memories ... See HERE