October 13th: Cadbury Flake Snow

Kcal 166 Fat 9.0g Fat(sats) 5.6g Carbs 19.8g

A few days ago I told you all that ChocolateMission reader Eric had kindly sent me a few goodies that he bought from a Aussie themed shop on a recent trip to Covent Garden, London. The first product I reviewed from this selection were the Cadbury Astros which I used to have quite frequently when I was younger. The product in the ChocolateMission line of fire today I similarly remembering having at least a few times in my childhood but it is now long gone from the UK marketplace - the Cadbury Flake Snow. As you can probably guess from the name this was your standard Cadbury Flake but with a white chocolate spin and came described as 'folds of white chocolate, covered in milk chocolate' and was produced in South Africa.

The bar came in a 32.0g serving and looked not to dissimilar in size to the standard Cadbury Flake we have here in the UK. Presentationwise this product gets a thumbs up from me. The foil wrapper looked good with the usual yellow Flake colour scheme incorporating a subtle touch of light blue to communicate the 'Snow' variant. Despite some very careful attention by myself to keep the product in A-spec condition what was held inside wasn't the most enticing looking product ever as the crumbled bits of inner white that had escaped gave the outer milk chocolate a dusty looking complexion. Although the bar was foil wrapped the chocolate lacked a truly telling aroma and did little to really entice me with its mild dairy scents.

When I used to have this as a kid I can recall always being quite excited at the prospect of the white chocolate but then I can remember it being too sweet for my taste. Obviosuly with me getting older since my tastebuds would have matured so I was expecting the mismatch between my taste and this chocolate to have grown even more extreme. Having tasted the chocolate I have to say I was quite surprised at how it tasted, but unfortunately the surprise wasn't all that great itself. Whereas I was expecting this chocolate to be overly exertful in terms of flavour strength the reality was that this bar delivered completely the opposite. The milk chocolate coating was adequate with a mild milk centric taste that melted with a relatively smooth, flowing melt but it was the inner white chocolate that was really the disappointment. Cadbury aren't know for their white chocolate *ahem Cadbury Dream* but this was pretty poor. The white chocolate had the usual delightful crumbly Flake texture but was completely devoid of any meaningful flavours and just tasted completely uninspiring. At best I would say I could detect a subtle sweet, dried milk like taste though to be honest it really just tasted of very little whatsoever.

Overall Cadbury still haven't managed to perfect this Flake Snow and I have to say I was left feeling disappointed which isn't an often occurrence when it comes to Cadbury products. Despite Cadbury seemingly solving the problem of their white chocolate being too sweet they have now swung round to completely the other side of the spectrum and delivered a white chocolate that was almost completely devoid of flavour entirely. The milk chocolate coating was pretty good and solved the normal issue Flake bars suffer from in that they usually crumble all over the place. What probably made the milk chocolate look even better than it probably was though, was the inner white chocolate which was just meagre and dull in terms of flavours. If your a Flake fan then this might be worth you trying at some point but I honestly wouldn't recommend it as a must try bar for the rest of you.

6.8 out of 10