October 16th: Moser Roth Dark Chocolate Orange & Almond

Kcal 529 Fat 33.1g Fat(sats) 19.3g Carbs 51.7g (per 100.0g)

Once again I must start off another review by thanking ChocolateMission reader Susanne for sending this bar for me to try. As I always do with brands I don't recognise I attempted to do some research about Moser Roth before I wrote this review but I have come up a little dry. The limited information I have found says that Moser Roth was formed in 1841 and became a protected name in 1902 before being sold off to German manufacture Storck. Storck's site doesn't have any further details or even recognise it as part of their brand portfolio but from what I can tell now Moser Roth is solely produced for Aldi the discounter supermarket. Boring stuff out the way, my first look at the range came in the form of this Dark Chocolate Orange & Almond bar.

The product came in a 125.0g form that was split into 5 smaller 25.0g bars which I thought was handy given that 25.0g made for a perfectly sized serving. The packaging I thought looked really good and gave the product a nice premium feel with the gold coloured fonts giving nice standout without looking tacky. One thing I did notice was that the graphic designer at Moser Roth might not know his nuts all that well ... take a closer look at the packaging photo and you will see that peanuts are displayed rather than almonds!! Error!! Inside each bar was coated with a foil/paper wrapper which kept the chocolate not only looking fantastic but smelling absolutely wonderful with an enticing orange fruity smell evident once opened.

All was great up until this point so there was real thing left to do. If you take a look at the photo above you will see that the chocolate was actually relatively thin in terms of thickness which left me a little worried before I tasted it. What concerned me about this was that if the chocolate wasn't strong enough it might not last long enough in the mouth for it's flavours to truly develop. Luckily this was a non-issue as the chocolate was immediately forthcoming in taste with several different flavours coming to the party. As soon as the chocolate hit the warmth of the tongue some non-bitter cocoa flavours made themselves apparent and were kept flowing and smooth in the taste with some nice milk based undertones. As suggested by the smell the orange element was also evident from out the outset, providing a solid fruity, zesty flavour to the background which in simple terms was delicious. What I really enjoyed about this chocolate was letting it slowly melt away on the tongue appreciating the fruity dark chocolate before then crunching away on the nutty, buttery almond pieces left in the mouth. The nutty element in the aftertaste nicely added to the orange flavours left in the mouth which left me feeling both refreshed and satisfied.

Overall I have to give a big thumbs up to my first ever Moser Roth product - it is one that has certainly left me wanting to try more from this brand. The dark chocolate here perhaps wasn't the grandest I have ever tried though it provided a very suitable background taste to the really well implemented orange fruit which made for a really eventful and exciting taste. The almond influence didn't really surface until the stronger tasting chocolate and orange elements had gone though I have to say that it certainly left a nice lingering nutty flavour note in the mouth. If Moser Roth isn't a brand you have come across before, based on the evidence of this bar alone I would say it is worth trying some of their products out. It may not have been the best chocolate I have ever tried but it was an extremely tasty one nonetheless. It gets a recommendation from me anyway!

8.6 out of 10