October 22nd: Cadbury Cake Bars Fudge & Mint

Having reviewed the Cadbury Chocolate and Cadury Caramel Cake Bars last month I thought I better be totally thorough with my research so picked up the two remaining Cadbury Cake Bar variants when I was in the supermarket last week. I bought both of these Fudge and Mint cake bars in packs of 5 and brought them into my work office last week. Before the greedy so-and-so's could gobbled them all up I nabbed two of each and ate them over the last four days.

Before I get into how they tasted it wouldn't be a ChocolateMission review without my passing comment on the presentation of both and my thoughts were very similar with each variants. Both variants came in purple coloured packets though contained different secondary branding in which to communicate the flavours. The wrappers looked ok to me but what excited me about these products were the fudge and mint creme fillings which both looked very well portioned - I think you will agree when you see the photos below.

Below are my thoughts on each variant:

Cadbury Cake Bars Fudge:
Kcal 135 Fat 5.5g Fat(sats) 3.3g Carbs 20.6g (per bar)

These came described as 'chocolate flavoured sponge with a fudge topping, covered in milk chocolate' and utilised the much under implemented Cadbury Fudge. I have long been calling for a larger, more satisfying Cadbury Fudge product so I was hoping that these cake bars might be right on the money.

In my previous Cadbury Cake Bar reviews I commented how disappointing it was that Cadbury decided not to use Dairy Milk and I still stand by this point. Although the chocolate on offer here was still very tasty with its sweet, milk based flavours it was noticeably lacking the creamy edge of Dairy Milk. If you peeked at the score already you will have noticed there was one thing fundamentally wrong these - the textures! I generally find cake a little too dry for me and this was only further accentuated by the dry, crumbly nature of the fudge. The combination of these left my mouth feeling like desert and it was lucky I had a cup of tea to wash it down with.

Overall there was nothing wrong with the taste on offer here whatsoever, however these Fudge Cake Bars were fundamentally flawed due to their dryness. The flavours of the sweet chocolate and fudge complimented each other well but the cake and fudge layers cloyed in the mouth resulting in a stodgy chew that was calling out for a bit of moistness. Nice tasting but sadly not what I would describe as an all round pleasant experience.

7.0 out of 10

Cadbury Cake Bars Mint:

Kcal 150 Fat 8.5g Fat(sats) 4.7g Carbs 17.2g (per 100.0g)

Out of the two I have to say these were the ones I was looking forward to least with their billing of 'chocolate flavoured sponge topped with a mint flavoured creme, covered in milk chocolate'. My view did start to change however as soon as I prised open the first plastic wrapper upon where I was met with a fresh smelling peppermint smell.

My thoughts regarding the chocolate are the same the above - it was a fair standard but crying out to be Dairy Milk. I tried these after the Fudge Cake Bars and I was expecting quite a similar experience in regards to dry textures as most mint cremes and fondants I have had before are normally quite solid as they are normally sugar based. I am glad to report though I was pleasantly surprised - the inner creme was far moister than I was expecting and really complimented the cake element well. The mint flavours were actually subtle in the creme with the majority of the taste being cream based. Despite being quite mild I thought the mint was strong enough and it provided a real fresh influence on the taste.

Overall these were easily the best out of the two and I would rate them just as highly as the Cadbury Caramel Cake Bars. One thing I did notice about these Mint Cake Bars were that they contained noticeably more fat and calories, though lets be honest it was well worth it given how much these were as an all round product. I wouldn't say these are a must try if your a fan of mint flavoured chocolates as the mint element doesn't actually come through that strongly. Personally though I think these make for a nice snack to have in the cupboard from time to time. The Thornton's Chocolate Cake Bars still hold the title as the best chocolate cake bars reviewed so far!

8.0 out of 10