October 26th: Cadbury Mini Bakes Chocolate Flapjack

Kcal 115 Fat 5.8g Fat(sats) 3.4g Carbs 14.2g (per flapjack)

Firstly Nestle Mini Bites ...now Cadbury Mini Bakes!! I don't know what is quite driving the plethora of new products like these at the moment but everywhere you look there seems to be a new cake themed product like this coming out every week. It is not that I am complaining or anything, hopefully it keeps sites like this one interesting and it has been nice for me recently to venture out from my traiditional straight up chocolate bar reviews. On to the focus of todays review over the last few days I have been casting my eye over these Cadbury Mini Bakes Chocolate Flapjacks. Those with memories as long as an elephants (is this generalisation even true!?) may recall that it was around this time last year I reviewed Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate Flapjack (See HERE). Personally I haven't seen one of those large flapjacks for a longtime but in their place now Cadbury have brought these mini ones to market - were they as good?

The flapjacks came in a box of 8 which weighed in at 195.0g. Aesthetically the box graphics looked pretty good and incorporated the usual Cadbury purple brand colour with a new style 'Mini Bakes' slogan which I thought gave it nice stand out on-shelf ... it caught my eye anyway! Inside the box I was pleased to see that each of the mini flapjacks were contained within their own separate plastic packets; thinking back to the Nestle Toffee Crisp Mini Bites a few days ago this something that product could of really done with! Within these packets the flapjacks were all maintained in a nice condition with hardly any bits broken off whatsoever, though I must add that at this point I did notice how small they looked. Despite not appearing the most imperious looking products ever they did emanate a relatively pleasant smell which had mild hints of honey and butterscotch.

Needing no second invitation to get stuck in I shared my box of these with some colleagues at work. I hope the photo above is able to give you some sort of perspective on how big each flapjack was but just to clarify they were really rather diddy. In regards to taste I had no problem with these whatsoever. Unlike the previously reviewed Cadbury Dairy Milk Flapjack the actual chocolate on top wasn't Dairy Milk though it provided relatively the same experience with possibly just a little less creaminess to it's sweet milk based taste. The flapjack base below was of a very good standard and substantiated a delicious butter, oat and syrup noted biscuity taste that was both moreish and tasty. The ratio of chocolate to flapjack was well proportioned with the chocolate providing the lead influence on the initial taste before the denser flapjack ingredients led the way latter on. My only real gripe with these was the obvious one and that was their size -if they had been about twice the size these probably would have been the perfect amount. Perhaps I am greedy but just one of these barely scratched the surface of mid afternoon munchies.

Overall these were pretty good tasting but sadly a little flawed in design. Despite the Cadbury Dairy Milk being substituted out for Cadbury's slightly different secondary recipe I could see past this as the chocolate still managed to substantiate a good influence on the taste despite the flapjack constituents being far denser and greater portioned. The flapjack bases themselves were surprisingly of a very high quality and tasted almost bakery fresh with their strongly butter led flavours. As I have alluded to above the only real problem I had with these was the size as they just weren't big enough to eat just one at a time. The simple solution would of course be to just eat two at a time, though I feel this rather defeats the whole 'Mini Bakes' concept given that they are meant for 'on the go' consumption, thus carrying two separate packets seems a bit against the point of the product in the first place. If you are fond of mini snacks like these I would recommend you give these a try as they get a thumbs up from me in the taste department. If it is a fulfilling snack your after though your better off looking somewhere else as these just didn't tick that box for me.

7.3 out of 10