October 27th: Snickers Fudge

Kcal 250 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 31.0g

One thing you can seemingly bank on is that every six months or so Mars US will come up with another limited edition Snickers
bar. Although Mars UK feel comfortable just making our own standard Snickers UK bar smaller every now and then, Mars US actually seem to want to inject a little bit of excitement in to one of the world best known chocolate candy bars and have brought out another variation of the normal Snickers. Despite living here in the UK, thanks to CandyPirate I got a chance to try the latest addition to the range the Snickers Fudge which came billed as 'Fudge with peanut butter nougat and peanuts, covered in milk chocolate'. If you look to the left you will see that the original Snickers still holds pride of place in second position on the ChocolateMission leaderboard - I think it goes without saying that I love trying the new Snickers variants when they come out.

Like all Snickers limited editions this bar came in
a single 50.5g serving (smaller bars are available check out GiGi's Review HERE!). The outer packaging looked relatively cool and differentiated itself nicely from the standard Snickers variant with a paler shade of brown communicating the fudge theme. Opening up the wrapper I was met by some familiar peanut led scents though I must say they were a little more subtle than other Snickers bars I have had in the past. Cutting in to the bar it was nice to see that the layers of nougat, fudge and peanuts were well defined, however I must note there were some sizable pockets of air visible throughout the fudge.

I wont spend to long
describing the taste of the milk chocolate as it delivered in line with expectations tasting no different to any other milk chocolate Snickers I have had previously. The coating provided the desired chocolate flavour hit with it's sweet milk led taste. Just as with most Snickers bars the outer chocolate had just a hint of peanut which was probably thanks to the oil seeping out from the inner constituents. The inner peanut butter nougat was utterly delicious and I really enjoyed the taste swinging from sweet to salty as it warmed in the mouth. The real success of this bar was of course always going to hinge on the quality of the inner fudge and I am glad to say it was of a reasonably good standard. Fudge in the US is not like the fudge we get here in the UK and the filling here was far moister than the crumbly, dry, pure sugar stuff that I am used to. The fudge on offer in this bar was still sweet but had a hint of maple and reaffirmed the chocolaty flavours of the outer coating. With the fudge layer taking up more space than the normal caramel layer there was less room for the peanuts and just as I had observed in my observations above there were less peanuts in this bar than a traditional Snickers. The tagline for Snickers in the US is that 'Snickers Satisfies' and I for one won't be arguing with that statement too much as I felt that this was a fulfilling snack.

Overall before I ate this bar I doubted very much that it would overtake the
original Snickers in my order of preference but at the same time I really enjoyed it for what it was
. Personally I think that the caramel layer is one of the key constituents of the Snickers bar so it will hardly come as a surprise when I say I was disappointed that this was missing from the product. If I had it my way I would have halved the amount of nougat and would have stuck in a thin layer of fudge between the nougat, peanuts and caramel. Despite my minor criticisms this was a bar that I really enjoyed trying and would happily eat again if given the chance. What bemuses me so much about this all is that Mars UK are so defiant in not releasing any new innovation on the Snickers brand here. Surely if they keep doing it in the US there has to be some success behind doing so!? Oh well for the moment I suggest if your a Snickers nut you head to CandyPirate while they still have some stock. Certainly not the best Snickers ever but worth a try if it sounds like your sort of thing.

8.3 out of 10