October 2nd: Trumpf Schogetten White Chocolate

Kcal 554 Fat 34.0g Carbs 56.0g (per 100.0g)

I have been stampeding my way through Trumpf's Schogetten range in the past few weeks and I continued my investigation today by sampling their White Chocolate offering. Admittedly white chocolate isn't really a favourite of mine but as previous manufactures like Hotel Chocolat and Thorntons have proven, when done well white chocolate can be exceedingly tasty. Trumpf didn't bother describing this bar as anything more than 'white chocolate' which was refreshing to see given the fact that most manufactures feel the need to put a load of unnecessary blurb when describing what the actual product is.

No prizes for guessing the format this one came in ... yep 100.0g split into 18 individual blocks - any chance of a little mix up Mr Schogetten? I have been a little critical over the last couple of reviews over the standard of the Schogetten packaging but I thought the cream colours implemented here worked quite well and at least looked a little different to many of the more standard colour schemes used across the range. The chocolate itself was a little yellow in terms of colour itself - it always worries me when this is the case as it reminds me of the awful Hannah's White Mice I reviewed a few months back - eugh vegetable fat mockolate! As I always do when I open the packaging I rightfully had a smell of the chocolate to try and get an initial gauge on the taste. To be honest I couldn't really determine much from the smell as I couldn't detect much more than just a mild, sweet fragrance.

Describing this chocolate won't take me long as the flavours were all pretty simple. If you have eaten Schogetten Milk Chocolate before just imagine the taste of that but a little less chocolaty and without the lick of hazelnut in the aftertaste. From that I think you will be able to determine that the taste was very basic indeed. When first placed in the mouth the flavours were predominantly very weak and mustered little more than a slight milkiness. As the chocolate heated in the mouth the melt started to develop, though I must add that it was a touch slower than normal and a little waxy in terms of texture. When the chocolate did warm enough to change state the taste developed from a mild milk context to one that was rooted in sugar which obviously brought a very sharp, sweet taste. The taste never got quite as far as getting to that throat burning stage but it was still excessively sweet for my taste, which meant I never got to the point of eating more than four blocks ... I'm afraid the remainder was laid to rest in the bin.

Overall Trumpf have hit a bit of a slump with their last two products reviewed on this site. A few days ago it was the 'For Kids' variant that wasn't to my liking and today the White Chocolate didn't do much better. I am not a great fan of Schogetten's standard milk chocolate but this White Chocolate offering was just a case of taking out many of the flavours in the latter and leaving just a weak, sugary milk taste. In comparison to some of the other white chocolates on the market this was one was simply put pretty damn poor and would not be one I would recommend. Even if you like your white chocolate I would suggest you go for another option such as the Hotel Chocolat Praline White or Thorntons' White Chocolate.

5.3 out of 10