October 3rd: Zotter Black Cherries with Vanilla

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

A week ago to the day you may remember that I wrote "I don't want to curse myself but I haven't had a bad product from the brand (Zotter) yet" .... why oh why did I let myself write that. Today saw me tuck into the last of the samples that Zotter so kindly provided me with, as I got to gripes with their Black Cherries with Vanilla bar. This one didn't quite have the excitement factor of the 'Bacon Bits' or 'Cheese, Walnut & Grapes' but I still liked the sound of 'fine bitter chocolate with a vanilla-cherry filling'.

Just like all the others the bar came in a 70.0g format that I managed to tuck away in a single sitting. Across all my reviews of the Zotter range I have been pretty complimentary when it comes to their packaging and I was impressed once again. The flavour theme was well communicated through some artistic pictures, whilst the bar was wrapped within a thick, branded foil wrapper. One thing I did note however was that whilst this golden foil layer looked great it didn't do the best job of keeping my chocolate fresh - for the first time on a Zotter product there was evident 'blooming' on the surface of the chocolate which is never a nice thing to see. Despite the product not appearing quite so fresh some sweet red fruit smells were evident once the bar had been cut into.

Now from my opening sentence I guess you are already aware of my disappointment in regards to this Zotter offering. Over the past few weeks I haven't been overly positive on the strength of Zotter chocolate and I felt once again here it really lacked emphasis in its flavours. Although described as fine and bitter chocolate I would describe it as neither of those two adjectives and would be more inclined to use the words weak and mild. The chocolate was just pretty effortless and never moved beyond a pale, milk based cocoa taste. As I said this wasn't the first Zotter bar where I have experienced some lazy flavours from the chocolate, though that said in those instances they have always been saved by a really strong flavoured filling. Unfortunately the filling was just as meagre as the chocolate and didn't create much of an impression. The two tone texture between the drier vanilla base and stickier jam like substance in the middle did grab my interest for a while, however this was short lived due to the lack of substantial flavour. Looking at the wrapper there are ingredients such as brandy, almonds and salt listed ... my simple question is where were they in the taste!? The filling never ventured on more than from a simple natural yogurt like base with a layer of sugary (and not particularly fruity) jam running through the middle.

Overall to call this bar horrid would be going well over the top but I think you will be able to tell by the tone of the review that I was deeply disappointed. The outer chocolate lacked flavour and was only compounded by an equally boring filling. Over the recent weeks Zotter have set the standards for themselves pretty high with bars like 'Bacon Bits' and 'Birds Eye Chilli' to just name two. To be honest this offering didn't belong in the same league as those bars and I just think that if this was my first experience of the brand I would have been left distinctly underwhelmed. If your going to buy Zotter (which you can HERE!!), I would go for one of the other bars from their range - I don't think this bar would be a good reflection on the potential of the brand.

6.8 out of 10