October 4th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 17

Hi Everyone,

Things will be kept short and sweet this week as I am publishing the second edition of STARS & THEIR BARS today.

Rounding up the week on ChocolateMission I reviewed 5 products from Germany and 1 from Belguim. The first review this week was a ChocolateMission first as I for the first time sampled some handmade Belgian chocolates from a company called Chocolateque. These chocolates were not only fantastic but Thomas from Chocolateque also left a code that ChocolateMission readers can submit with their orders to get 10% off (See HERE). With the week starting off so positively inevitably there were going to be some products that weren't so good .. . namely the Lindt Peach-Apricot Yogurt (See HERE), Schogetten White Chocolate (See HERE) and Zotter's Black Cherries with Vanilla bars (See HERE). In between those reviews I also sampled Sarroti's Refreshment Sticks (See HERE) which brought back nice memories for both Susie and Susanne who remembered older generations of their family enjoying this product.

It has been a very slow week for news on the Chocolate market. Nestle have announced they will be backing their Christmas activity with £1.6m on media spend (See HERE). Hannock's are launching a few new lines of chocolate bars (See HERE). Finally it wouldn't be a complete week without mentioning the Cadbury takeover bids ... the latest is that Kraft have been given an early November deadline to stump up the cash for their next offer (See HERE).

What did I enjoy reading this week? GiGi casted her eye over the Trader Joe's PB & J bar (See HERE), Japanese Snack Reviews tried the bizarre sounding Tobacco Super Lemon Soda (See HERE), Cin at Foodstufffinds has started the Xmas reviews already with a review of Walker's Turkey and Stuffing crisps (See HERE) and lastly Marvo tried some Cola Champagne over at Impulsive Buy (See HERE).

Right so on to the star attraction........ if you missed PART 1 (See HERE)