October 5th: Cadbury Caramel Nibbles / Galaxy Caramel Pieces

Before I start this head-to-head today I must thank ChocolateMission reader Rachel for coming up with the idea for doing a double review. The standard Cadbury Caramel and Galaxy Caramel bar have been ever present at the top of the ChocolateMission leader board since the start of the site so I was pretty excited to hear about these new formats announced in the trade a few weeks ago (See HERE).

In the interest of keeping this review of a reasonably length lets kicks things off ...

Cadbury Caramel Nibbles:
Kcal 215 Fat 11.3g Fat(sats) 6.8g Carbs 26.1g (per 1/4 bag)

Take Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons and add some some Cadbury Caramel and what do you get?? Cadbury Caramel Nibbles of course! These Caramel Nibbles came in a 175g pouch bag that I ate over the course of a few days. I thought the pouch looked great with the old Caramel branding dominating the front of pack and I also liked the material used with the outer side sporting that fantastic matted Cadbury look whilst the inside was a clean, smooth plastic material. When I opened the bag I was met with the usual warm Cadbury greeting in the form of a wonderfully sweet, chocolaty fragrance.

The Nibbles themselves looked slightly bigger than your average Cadbury Button and appeared just a little thicker in terms of depth. This made them an ideal size for just placing on the tongue and letting them just melt away slowly. Although the usual deliciously creamy Dairy Milk flavours were all substantiated, due to the buttons being thinner than the Cadbury Caramel blocks the feel of the melt wasn't quite as luxurious with the buttons melting away in double quick time. More positively the inner caramel was in line with expectations and produced the expected array of magnificent sweet, buttery flavours with that all important lick of salt still present.

Overall these Cadbury Caramel Nibbles were simply delicious but if I forced to choose between these and a single Cadbury Caramel bar I would still go for the later. The Cadbury Nibbles brought all the same taste credentials but lacked the flavour longevity in the mouth compared to the block equivalents due to them being far thinner. Despite the standard bar being of personal preference, if in a situation where sharing is needed then these are a great option.

9.0 out of 10

Galaxy Caramel Pieces:
Kcal 39 Fat 2.1g Carbs 4.7g (per piece)

Unlike Cadbury Nibbles, Mars didn't feel the need to let consumers know that these Galaxy Caramel Pieces were actually coming out. I picked these up in my local supermarket and have to say that it was the packaging that actually caught my eye. I thought that the 159.0g had great stand out on shelf and the curved appearance of the box really looked something special next to some other products sitting on the fixture. The pieces inside didn't look half bad either with each sporting a tight golden foil wrapper and the most subtle Galaxy 'G' on the corner of each piece. The chocolates themselves smelt enticing with some fine chocolaty aromas though I was less impressed with the cheesy message that was writing on the inside of the foil wrappers ... 'A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine' ... oh dear.

These Galaxy Pieces looked exactly like the Dove Desserts chocolates that I reviewed from America back at the start of the year (See HERE), though they were thankfully of a higher quality. In comparison to the Cadbury Nibbles the pieces were not quite as wide but were far thicker. This meant that each piece lasted little bit longer in the mouth and provided exactly the same volume of delicious Galaxy chocolate and caramel flavours as with the standard bar. In terms of taste the chocolate had the same flowing, smoothness of cream flavours whilst the caramel was dazzling with its sweet, butterscotch led flavours. In comparison to the normal bar the progression of the textures from the chocolate to the caramel was not quite as sensual as the nature of the smaller, denser block meant that the introduction to the caramel was more abrupt once the chocolate had melted away. This of course though was really not much of an issue due to them tasting so utterly fantastic and I am sure it was not something on the minds of my fellow co-workers who so kindly assisted me in eating these haha!

Overall I have to say again, just like the Cadbury Nibbles if I was offered either these Galaxy Pieces or a standard Galaxy Caramel bar I would still choose the latter. However, just like I said above if I was in an instance where sharing was the need then these would be an absolutely fantastic product to suit the occasion. These Galaxy Caramel Pieces not only look the part but they taste absolutely phenomenal and I would say are on a par with the standard bar in this sense. Where I think they didn't quite match up was delivering the same smooth luxurious feel in the mouth but trust this didn't stop them from being one of the chocolates which had the 'just one more' appeal factor. Milk chocolate and caramel fans I would strongly recommend these to you.

9.2 out of 10

So to sum both these products up for everyone - where they as good as their equivalent bar format products? In short No, but they were still fantastic in their own right. If forced to choose between the two I would give the Galaxy Pieces the slight edge as the whole taste experience with them was just that bit longer lasting in comparison to the buttons. Another factor we could also take in to consideration though is price - the Galaxy Caramel Pieces have an RRP of £3.00, whilst the Cadbury Nibbles £1.69. The Galaxy product looks the more premium product with its funky curved box, though truth be told the difference in the actual inner product is nowhere near deserving of a price tag nearly double that of the Cadbury Nibbles. I would be interested to hear all you own views if you have tried either!