October 6th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Duo

Kcal 521 Fat 29.5g Fat(sats) 18.4g Carbs 57.2g (per 100.0g)

It has been a while since I have reviewed something from Australia so I thought I would put that right and delve back into the box of treats sent my way by Shopenzed. Today I decided to review the Cadbury Duo bar, which was described as 'Old Gold dark chocolate with Dairy Milk milk chocolate'. I am sure we used to have a product just like this one on our UK market shelves not all that long ago, but for now the land down under appears to be the only place it is in manufacture. Now I come to think of it, it is not all that often you actually see milk and dark chocolate used in the same product!? Off the top of my head I can't think of another mass produced offering that uses this combination.

This bar came in a 220.0g bar that was split up into 50 or so small sized chunks. What with there being so much I shared this with some friends who were more than happy to provide some second opinions which I will share later. Firstly though lets talk about the presentation - everyone agreed that both the both the outer packaging and inner chocolate looked aesthetically good and the inner product certainly caught the eye with its two tone chocolate colours. The product itself was protected by an inner foil wrapper which maintained both the look and smell of the chocolate nicely. It was noted by all that a pleasant sweet chocolaty smell made itself known once the foil was split, however it noticeably faded in strength after a few minutes to air.

As you probably predicted this was a tale of two chocolates - one very good one, and one exceedingly average. As the photo above displays the base of this chocolate was made up by the Old Gold dark chocolate which I personally thought was pretty lacklustre in terms of taste and texture. All that tried this chocolate felt that the melt of the Old Gold was slower and a little waxy when compared to the Dairy Milk which melted with great ease and a lovely thickness. In addition to not melting quite so well I also felt the Old Gold lacked telling flavours - it wasn't as if it tasted bad or anything, but its non descript unsweetened flavours were really shown up by the creamy Dairy Milk. Unfortunately out of the two the Old Gold actually made up a greater proportion of each block which meant that it took more chunk to deliver a chocolate flavour hit than just a plain Dairy Milk would have.

Overall on the whole I was left feeling a little disappointed by this chocolate and I was expecting something a little better. It is worth bearing in mind that Cadbury do set themselves very high standards but with a little more rational thinking this bar could have been made that bit better. In my opinion I think they should have made the base of this chocolate their premier chocolate (Dairy Milk), and then supplemented it with the Old Gold placed on top i.e. they should have swapped the chocolates round. This way I think the Dairy Milk would have had a greater say in the taste, whilst the Old Gold could of just provided a little twist of unsweetened cocoa. In conclusion, unless your an avid Cadbury fan I don't think there is any great urgency for you to rush out and buy this one as there are far superior Cadbury products on the market.

6.9 out of 10