October 7th: Oreo Chocolate Creme

Kcal 50 Fat 2.2g Fat(sats) 1.1g Carbs 7.2g (per cookie)

I don't think the Oreo brand is ever going to be as big here in the UK as it is in America but Kraft are slowly bringing different parts of their portfolio to our shores. The latest addition to our supermarket shelves are these Oreo Chocolate Creme which are being backed by TVC media support as well as some magazine prints which you may have seen doing the rounds recently. I am normally a little reticent to do biscuit/cookie reviews but I found these in my local Sainsbury's last week on a special introductory offer of 65p a pack - obviously no fool in their right mind was ever going to turn that down.

65p of my hard earned monies bought me a 176.0g box which contained four packs of four cookies. I have always rather liked the look of Oreo products and was pleased to see that the American style box art had been kept from the US version of the product. Although I think the white coloured filling of the original Oreos looks a little more iconic I still thought the dark coloured branded biscuit pieces looked nice with the light coloured brown filling that was sandwiched inside. Personally I would have preferred the biscuits to have been kept in packets of two as that was more than enough for one sitting, however this is a very minor complaint as I understand there are very firm packaging regulations nowadays.

As soon as I opened the foil packets a very familiar Oreo cookie smell revealed itself which brought back nostalgic memories of visits to America when I was younger. As the photo above shows you these cookies ticked one very important box for me and that was that the cookie pieces could be pulled apart with relative ease (just like the advert shows!!). Of course the only way to enjoy these was with a cool glass of milk which i duly obliged with each time I reached into the pack. The outer cookie pieces were nothing out of the ordinary with any other Oreo biscuit I have ever hard. They had a very distinct sugary, wheat taste that had a nice gritty, crunchy texture in the mouth which created a pleasant snap when bitten into. What was really on show here though was of course the chocolate creme and I am happy to say I thought it was very tasty indeed. Its flavours went that little bit further than the standard white Oreo creme and had more of a buttery element to its taste with a nice added hint of cocoa. One thing that was also noticeable was that it was slightly softer and lighter in texture which I thought was nicer as it added a nice bit of moistness. Personally I found two of these at a time a nice little snack with an afternoon tea though I have witnessed packs of these disappear in seconds when one has been opened in my work office recently.

Overall I have actually rated these higher than the original Oreo cookies however I wouldn't say they are quite up to scratch with my favourite Oreo biscuits of all time the Oreo Double Stuff Mint that I got from America last year. In my opinion the the chocolate creme at the centre of these cookies is just a little bit superior to the white coloured original creme. I thought that the flavours were just that little bit more forthcoming and liked the additional butter and cocoa elements to the taste which I think just made it a little more interesting. As always I like to base my ratings on whether I would buy a product again and if posed that exact question my answer would have to be a resounding yes. I hope Kraft keep on releasing more and more Oreo variants as I for one will keep on welcoming them if they are they continue to be this good.

8.0 out of 10