October 8th: Cadbury Raisins

Kcal 400 Fat 14.4g Fat(sats) 8.6g Carbs 64.8g (per 100.0g)

Having not been inspired by the Cadbury Peanuts from this range I have hardly been in a rush to try these Cadbury Raisins, though when I saw them on half price in WH Smith this weekend for 65p a bag I thought I best buy them now. Although I quite enjoyed the Cadbury Clusters from this new pouch collection I felt the Cadbury Peanuts were a complete let down - the chocolate was all but non-existent and the peanuts were pretty bland and flavourless. Suffice to say I was really hoping for a far better showing from these Cadbury Raisins which came described as 'juicy, plump raisins in Cadbury milk chocolate'.

Rather like the peanuts these raisins came in a stupidly large 200.0g bag that if I am being honest I didn't even get half way through - I have too many other products to review!! As I have already commented on the rest of the products from the range, the outer packaging was altogether rather good and I thought the purple colour suited the type of product nicely and looked nice with the matted like finish. Inside the coated raisins looked far from glamorous, though I guess this was always going to be the case. Despite not being the most appetising things to look at, the raisins smelt more enticing and had a nice fruity, chocolaty aroma.

It wasn't going to be hard for these to taste better than the Cadbury Peanuts but without ever surpassing any great levels of quality these did just that. Unlike with the peanuts the milk chocolate had a greater say in the taste as the nature of the raisins meant that it was more natural to let the chocolate melt off in the mouth before chewing on the inner fruit. I have commented before that the chocolate used in this range isn't Dairy Milk which of course isn't ideal but it again was pleasant enough and had a nice sweet, milk based flavour set. After the dismal quality of the peanuts I was half expecting the same poor quality from these raisins however I was pleasantly surprised. The raisins seemed fresh and just as described were mostly quite juicy and provided some fine sugary, fruity flavours. A handful of these raisins was not the most fulfilling of snacks ever but it did a job of tieing over my hunger from mid afternoon until tea time.

Overall I think a work colleague of mine summed these up perfectly when he said 'they are nice, but aren't anything special'. Personally I think that conclusion was right on the money - these Cadbury Raisins were a fair enough snack, however there was nothing overly amazing or wonderful about them that left me thinking I must have them again. All in all these were really just fair standard chocolate covered raisins. Had they been coated in Cadbury's premier Dairy Milk chocolate recipe I may have thought a little more of them, though even that assumption might be pushing things a little ... after all they would still just be chocolate covered raisins. Unlike the Cadbury Peanuts there was nothing wrong here with the actual execution of the product - if anything I would say it was just the concept itself that was just a little lacklustre and dare I say it ... boring!? If you like chocolate coated raisins then these are well worth you looking at as they have actually been done quite well, with fresh tasting raisins. For the rest though there isn't too much to get excited about here - to coin a phrase they just do 'exactly what it says on the pouch'.

7.2 out of 10