October 9th: Lindt Blueberry-Vanilla Yogurt

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Just when you thought I had run out of Lindt flavoured yogurt bars to review I have been able to pull out yet one more (only one more after this one I promise!!) thanks to the never ending selection that was sent to me by my pals at Dean-German-Grocery. When I do these reviews I never know whether to keep the German name or translate it into English like I have done here!? Well this Lindt Joghurt Heidelbeer-Vanille bar came described as 'milk chocolate with a blueberry and vanilla flavoured yogurt creme'. Last time I checked blueberries were on the list of 'superfoods' though thinking back to my experience with the last superfood and chocolate combination this didn't mean this was going to make for a 'super chocolate' HERE.

You will see from the photo above that this was another yogurt filled chocolate from the 'pods' range and it came in a 100.0g size that was split into 24 individual pieces. Like I say with most Lindt products the packaging looked pretty sharp and I liked the used of the royal blue colour to communicate the type of fruit used. If you also look above to my cross-section photo you will be able to see that it looks disturbingly like the picture that is featured on the front of the packaging. Unlike the wrapper the inner creme was a darker in complexion (almost purple!) but I still thought it looked appetising with some flecks of fruit thrown in the mix for good measure. Smellwise this chocolate wasn't all that remarkable; out the packaging a nice chocolaty smell was established though it wasn't until the centre was revealed that a fruity scent could be detected.

If you have read my hundreds of reviews this summer of all the different yogurt filled bars you will have probably noticed that a lot of them have been white chocolate based. In my opinion Lindt made a good decision using white chocolate here as I don't think the mixture of white chocolate and blueberry would have worked quite as well. It wont surprise you to hear that the standard of the milk chocolate here was high. It established a nice cocoa based chocolaty taste in the mouth which was neither to strong or weak. The melt of the chocolate was thick and double cream like in texture which was fitting given the wonderful dairy flavours of the inner creme. After the tasty chocolate had melted away it revealed a cool feeling inner filling that started off very milky and vanilla based in terms of flavours though as it warmed in the mouth the blueberry fruit came to the party. What I especially liked about the blueberry element here was that it lacked any sort of artificalness which can often be the case with fruit flavoured chocolates. I found a fair and fulfilling serving of this chocolate was about six of the pod pieces at a time.

Overall due to me not being a huge fan of blueberries I wasn't expecting to like this product all that much but I have to conclude that this was a damn fine chocolate. I think a large reason as to why I liked it so much was largely down to the fact it did exactly what it said on the wrapper. There were no surprises with this chocolate, it just combined a fine tasting milk chocolate with creamy fruit flavoured centre. The usual sour tang that is present in most yogurt chocolates wasn't all that detectable here though I think was mainly down to the vanilla element which played a large part in the flavouring of the centre. As you can probably tell by now I am a huge proponent of the 'pods' format and I hope Lindt continue to use this with the endless amount of innovation they are pumping out at Lindt HQ. Coming from a guy who has had a huge amount of yogurt flavoured chocolates this year I wouldn't say this one you have to try but I would say it is at least on par with the rest. Certainly one for blueberry lovers.

8.3 out of 10