December 29th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 24


Congratulations to Daniel Bailey whos answer fell between the +/-15 parameters of the competition I set two weeks ago. He is the lucky winner of the Ritter, Riesen, Amicelli and Schogetten chocolates - please send me your address Daniel .... I have e-mailed you!

I won't be telling you all the exact number of product reviews that have been featured on the site yet as I want to keep post 1000 a surprise as I am planning something special! Put it this way ...if you guessed between 820-850 you were in the mix for the final draw!!

Again this is a shortened edition of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' as I want to clear out the remaining reviews I have stockpiled and get through all the Christmas products I have before the end of the year!

Apart from the Cadbury buyout story rumbling on I couldn't find any other chocolate news I am afraid .... Nestle interested in buying Cadbury?

~~ Other Blog Posts I enjoyed this week ~~

* ImpulsiveBuy - Marvo posted podcast #9 featuring an instant Yakisoba product. Be sure to check it out ... SEE HERE

* GiGi Reviews - Gi posted her review of the new limited edition Oreos ... for the love of god someone please send me some :) ... SEE HERE

* Foodstuffinds - Cin has come up with a cool idea for readers to share their advent calendar content each day! Check it out ... SEE HERE

* Yum Yucky - Josie over at YY wasn't impressed with these but I thought the concept of sweet potatoe crisps (aka chips!) sounded like a cool one ... SEE HERE

* Chocablog - Dom reviewed the Hotel Chocolat Sparkling Stars Praline and like I found with the Sparkling Stars Caramel he was puzzled as to where the actual Christmas concept came in? ... SEE HERE

~~ Where to do your Chritmas Shopping ~~

Luxurious Christmas Gifts from Hotel Chocolat