November 21st: Cadbury Snow Bites

Kcal 240 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 6.9g Carbs 33.3g (per 50.0g)

With just over a month to go Christmas 2009 reviews are officially go on ChocolateMission this year. A few Christmas products have slipped through the net already and made an appearance but from now until the 25th of December you can expect at least few Christmas themed products a week. Getting us started this year I today bring you my review of Cadbury's latest new product Cadbury Snow Bites which got announced in the press way back in July (HERE). These Snow Bites looked exactly the same in proposition to a Marks & Spencer's product I reviewed last year and came described as 'milk chocolate balls in a crisp sugar shell, dusted with icing sugar'. Could Cadbury trump M&S?

These Snow Bites came in a standard sized 100.0g bag that I found in my local Tesco Superstore. Aesthetically speaking I really liked the look of the outer portion of the bag and thought that Cadbury had done well incorporating a festive looking theme with the very clear Snow Bites branding. What surprised me slightly was the small size of the Cadbury logo and had I not been clued up beforehand it would have all to easy to overlook that this was actually a Cadbury product. Inside the packet it was nice to see that the inner portion of the wrapper was foil based which meant that the pieces were maintained with a great deal of freshness. Unsurprisingly despite the foil fresh seal the chocolates inside lacked an aroma of great note but this has been quite a common thing with a lot of other sugar coated products I have reviewed in the past.

Being a sceptical old so-and-so I thought the outer icing sugar that lined each Snow Bite was merely there for decoration though as soon as I placed the first piece in my mouth I realised that it actually had an important role to play. The icing sugar layer was actually very well implemented and was portioned correctly with just a light sprinkle on the outer shell of each piece. To my surprise the icing sugar brought a wonderful cooling sensation on the tongue which meant that the melt felt all that more exciting in the mouth. Whilst the cooling tingle lasted only a matter of seconds it nicely set up the crunchy texture of the thin crisp sugar shell that lay below which was best enjoyed when sucked on to melt the chocolate inside. The inner chocolate!? ... well it was your standard Cadbury's quality. It wasn't quite Dairy Milk but it was nicely milk rooted in flavour and had a sweet chocolaty taste that had me reaching back into the bag time after time. Despite the bag stating that half (50.0g) at a time constituted a serving I was more than happy just enjoying a few handfuls each sitting.

Overall I didn't think these sounded like the most exciting new product that was ever going to grace the UK but having tasted them I have to say I was pleased with what they delivered. As I have written about above I was really thrilled to see that the icing sugar actually had more of a role in the product than I first thought and it was great that it contributed in terms of the interplay of the textures. The transition of the cooling sensation of the melting icing sugar to the crisp outer sugar shell was simply delightful and the chocolate that lay below was of a slightly better than average quality. Of course it would have been nice if the chocolate had been Dairy Milk but for some reason Cadbury seem to be pulling it's most famous chocolate recipe from most of it's secondary products. On reflection I have to say that these Cadbury Snow Bites were just a little better than the Marks & Spencer's Snowy Balls I reviewed last year. I wouldn't say these are one of Cadbury's greatest products ever but if you see them around this Christmas and fancy some Cadbury themed Christmas cheer they could be worth a look at.

7.9 out of 10