November 22nd: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 24


Hi All,

7Days of Chocolate Reviews is being cut short this week as I have so many reviews to get in before Christmas I am posting another today ... see below for the review of Green & Black's Cherry bar.

Question of the week is - 'What Christmas chocolates have you bought yet? Any you can recommend?' ... this question comes after a comment from David on the Cadbury Snowballs review yesterday who said that Cadbury had distributed them too early meaning that his eyes anyway they lost their Christmas sparkle! See that review for my own comments.

It has been slow for news on the chocolate market this week .... Ferrero announced a big spend media campaign for Christmas (HERE). Following on from the news I broke last week about battle of the Cadbury & Nestle bunnies things have been gearing up (HERE), and finally could Hershey and Ferrero being plotting a joint venture for Cadbury? The Telegraph thinks so (HERE).

As for Blogs I enjoyed this week -

GiGi wrote a fantastic review of Heinz's Treacle Sponge ... she just didn't have the custard to back it up :) (HERE)

Marvo at the Impulsive Buy reviewed the latest limited edition mint fudge Oreos (HERE)

Cybele wrote a few reviews on some Fannie May products this week. She didn't like them as much as I did mind you (HERE)

Rosa at ZOMG Candy absolutey loved the Milka Joghurt bar and gave it one of their special ZOMG ratings (HERE)

I hope you all have great weeks - don't forget to look at the review below :D